The blessing of Jabez


1st Chr 4:10

Jabez means sorrow or pain. For a mother to name her son Sorrow/Pain means the pain she was experiencing was far greater than child birth pains.

God credits us continuously with all blessings. We are blessed beyond our capability. We are blessings to nations.  We move from glory to glory so we never reach the end of our transformation.

Jabez believed that his life was not meant to be a life of sorrow. So he prayed and asked for God to bless him.

  • He asked to be free from pain. This means he was in pain.
  • He asked for the hand of God which is God’s power, provision, friendship

He understood through Israel’s history that Israel won the battle against her enemies when they were upheld in prayers, Ex 17:11 so he prayed.

God gives instructions when we need it. Elijah did not prophesy but gave instruction to the widow to pour out the jar of oil 1st Kings 17:13-16. Jesus did not prophesy that 12 baskets will remain. He gave instructions for 5 loaves and 2 fish to be shared Mark 6:41-43. What we need to do is step in faith to as He instructs.

Gen 1:28 gives us permission from God to be blessed. From intimacy with God comes fruitfulness. Be deliberate to be fruitful.

Gen 12:3 Even if you are named Jabez, i.e., people do not expect good from you, remember that God has named you blessed. This gives you redemption over the evil meaning and expectation from you.

1st Chr 4:10 Jabez did not pray a selfish prayer. He prayed a prayer linked to the instruction from God in Gen 1:28 and the Great Commission Matt 28:19. Link your prayers to God’s agenda.

Prayer: Every wrong name in your foundation is broken. As Jabez was set aside for exceptional blessing, so shall you be also. Amen.

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