The Blueprint – And Jabez called on the God of Isreal







1 Chr 4:9-10; Jer 33:3

Jabez was calling on the God of Israel, the covenant keeping God. Covenant is an agreement between two or more people where they agree to share on resources and liability. A covenant can only be broken by death.

The God of covenant is the God who brought Israel out of captivity, the one who defended Israel. The God of protection, deliverance, the faithful God. Jabez was simply calling on his source. Jabez’s mother named him, she was his point of entry and arrival, she cannot define him. You are defined from your Source, the One who sent you. It does not matter your entry point, it is the place of your origin that defines you. Even though his mother called him Jabez for many years, yet he came to realise that his identity lies with God, his origin.

God reckons with you on the basis of His identity for you not on the basis of how men call or perceive you.

Jer 1:5; James 1:17

You are here on the earth on the basis of a call of God on your life and he has given you to the earth as a gift. Every gift God gives is good and perfect. Perfect here, does not mean it is flawless but rather that it suits you as designed by God. Therefore, Jabez understood that God created him as a good and perfect gift and he prayed to God rejecting the proclamation in the name given to him by his mother.

Eph 4:5-8, 11

The name given to Jabez was a mislabelling of his original identity. Jabez calling on the God of Israel was simply calling on his source, because he wanted his source to validate his identity. Every single person created by God is a gift and you must not accept a false identity. It is in the nature of man to mislabel man, however do not let this limit your potential and conviction of who you are.

Psa 27:10; Isa 49:15

Even sometimes, a mother or father can forget or mislabel your identity, however God can never forsake you. When man says the wrong thing about you, it is an opportunity for you to refocus on what God says about you. When you accept and internalise what man says concern you causes stagnation to your destiny. This in turn builds up unforgiveness, bitterness and anger inside, guard your heart. No man sent you, so no man can define you.

3 John 1:2

Unforgiveness, bitterness, anger are killers of prosperity because they internalise and attach to your soul. Your prosperity is a reflection of your soul. Prosperity means help on the road of life. When you allow Unforgiveness, bitterness, anger and disappointment into your soul, they destroy the “engine” of your life.

Rom 8:35; 14:17

Separation is death and it comes through people, especially those closest to you. You do not prosper by what you do, but by who you are. Who you are will make room for you. Righteousness is a state where everything you do is approved of God. Peace is the state of where nothing is missing and nothing is broken; increase follows peace. Wherever there is strife, there will be no increase. Joy brings strength; the absence of joy attracts weakness, heaviness and depression abounds.

2 Cor 5:16-17

Jabez called on the God of Israel, BUT we call on the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ because our covenant is in Christ Jesus, this is a superior covenant.

Gal 3:26-28

Being in Christ, you are dependent on your position in Christ Jesus. You are relating according to your eternal identity in Christ Jesus created unto good works. When you are Christ, you embrace a new identity in Christ Jesus, always being aware of who you are in Christ. You are not defined by your entry point rather by your source in Christ Jesus.

Rev 5:10-12; Exo 19:6

Every nationality has a standard of life, likewise in the Kingdom of God, our identity in Christ Jesus is as Kings and Priests to reign on earth. Also, because there is a standard of living, if you abuse God’s standard, He reserves the right to overrule that authority. Jabez appealed to the God of Israel and God took over and caused his mother’s voice and influence to cease in his life. What keeps us relevant in life is that you keep saying what God wants you to say and not what you want to say, not mislabelling people. The moment you become abusive towards a gift that God gave you, you lose your relevance and your destiny becomes truncated.

PRAYER – Lord, I am a gift and my life must reflect who you have named and called me to be.






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