The Blueprint – It’s not part of it, so don’t accept it








1 Chr 4:9-10; Gen 4:9-17

Identity labels and names point in 2-directions:

  • To your past (something you did);
  • To your future (something you are called to do)

Whoever you relate with will determine where you point to (a constant reminder of what you have done or possibility and projections of what you are to be).

When God relates with you, He always speaks about your future, He never speaks about your past, He speaks to you in regards to your possibilities, the things He has ordained you for. God will sometimes bring reminders or reference to the past but mainly to propel you for the future, not to pull you down.

Isa 46:9-12 This is an example of God’s reminders or reference to the past. God reminds us to refocus our minds of the things He has done in the past and the assurance of His future plans ahead. God’s reminders propel us forward, refocusing you to the original plan – the blueprint.

Isa 43:18-19 This is an example of man’s reminders. The difference between reminders from God and from man is the word “things”. One talks about things (results of the past) that you have already done, while the other reminder is regarding things to come. Basically, there is never an end in God, it is a continuous pursuit of His plans for you. God’s reminder sets you back to focus on the things He has said to you – the blueprint.

Man will label you based on your past. For example:

Family heritage

Luk 1:59-61 The baby was named Zechariah contrary to the name God had named Him. Man will always name based on a heritage. Where you are coming from is not a limitation on who you can become. Identity labels will always be given by man based on the past.

Jer 1:1-5 Jeremiah was going to be labelled a priest based on family heritage meanwhile God had ordained him to be a prophet.

Past Experience / Circumstance

Circumstances at a point of birth labelled Jacob a supplanter contrary to God’s original agenda. Likewise Jabez, Ichabod etc.

State of Society

The state of society when you arrive also influences how you are labelled.

For what you did

People label you because of what you did. For example: Jesus was labelled the son of the carpenter; Blind Bartimaeus; Mary Magdalene the woman that had seven demons.

If it is not in the blueprint, refuse to be labelled by it.

Do not make your temporary location your final destination. Feedback is good but it should only be taken as information ONLY, your validation MUST ONLY come from GOD. FEED ON GOD’s WORD FOR YOUR VALIDATION.

Man’s label is from the past, God’s label is the prophetic. So when God speaks, He speaks from the blueprint.

Psa 139:15-16 God speaks to you according to His original plan (blueprint) for you. The fact that man does not think much of you doesn’t matter, stay in God’s blueprint for you.

1 Cor 2:9-10 It takes a spiritual mind to embrace your destiny in God, because when you look at God’s destiny with a canal mind, the canal mind will be offended. Beware of offence!

Isa 9:6; John 3:16; John 2:11; Rom 8:19; Eph 4:14; Jer 1:5-9

Children are born, sons are given. Children are born, sons are sent. God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son. Being a child is a temporary status (identity). Children lack stability. Being a son is an eternal identity, you came to this world a child but you were sent a son. You were a son before you were born. A son is not a sexual term, it is a position of authority. Sons live, children exist.

Gal 4:1-5

The time the Father appoints for you to be matured from a child to a son is accessed by revelation. Children receives a label, sons unveil purpose. Children live on comparison and man’s label, a son’s identity is on who the Father has called Him i.e. Christ Jesus.

Gen 1:26

A son is a builder of his Father’s house. Sons seek the Kingdom because the Kingdom is their inheritance. A son acts in the representative capacity of the Father and carries the authority of the Father and operates in the dominion of the Father.

Sons don’t accept what the Father has not named them; for example Jabez refused to be labelled “sorrow”.

1 Cor 15:9-10

Even your past mistakes is not enough label to limit you. God’s goodness is not meant to be earned, He freely gave us, receive it as a son. Don’t let your body limit your potential. Sons receive validation from THE Father. When you pay attention to what God is saying about you, your process might be rough but the end is SURE. The standard of man is subjective and it is always changing. Refuse to accommodate what is not right.

Even Cain pleaded with the nature of God (Merciful and Good) and God showed him mercy. If it is not in the blueprint, do not accept it.

John 10:10 Satan’s strategy is to steal, kill and destroy.


Jabez’s mother named him sorrow. By calling a child what God did not call him, you are stealing, killing and destroying the precious life (identity) that God has purposed for Jabez. Once identity is stolen, vision and purpose is stolen and power diminishes as a result. However Jesus Christ died to restore His life to you.

Prayer – Rev 5:9-12 this is the blueprint.

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