The Church of the First Born








Heb 12:1-2, 14-24

Deut 21:15-17 The first of everything denotes priority. The firstborn is the beginning of strength, the first born is entitled to double portion of the Father's inheritance.

2 Kings 3 This explains the significance of the first born. The weight of the sacrifice of a first born child had a great impact on the outcome at battle.

The first born is not a chronological / biological order of birth, but a title that God bestows on a person. Joseph became the first born over Reuben because he was unruly, likewise Ephraim was chosen over Manasseh.

Luke 15:11-19 The younger son requested for the portion of his inheritance. The problem here was not in what he was asking for but the timing when he was asking. There is a season for everything. The question is: Is it the appropriate time?

Gal 4:1-7 To earn the title of the firstborn is when God releases the title to you.

For example, food is good but you must eat at the right time, for your body to optimise the benefit within. Likewise, sex is a good thing but it is the preserve of marriage. Sex in marriage is at the right time in the right season.

God has given us all things, however it is a matter of WHEN not IF. When we ignore the timing, saying we want it at all cost, then this means we have elevated a “good thing” and created an idol of it. Anything you can absolutely cannot live without has become an idol.

Heb 12:16 Esau served his birth-right for food. The bible refers to Esau as a fornicator because the bible equates idolatry with fornication / adultery. Because you have left your first love for another. The son in Luke 15 no longer desired relationship with his father but just his inheritance.

When you pray, do you have an endless prayer list or do you seek relationship and fellowship with God, the Father.

Deut 21:17 The firstborn always had a double portion of the family inheritance, because he is the reserve of the family wealth.

Every time you go outside of God’s plan for you, you remove from the original plan of God for you. For example, in marriage the bible says what God has joined (fused) together let no man put asunder; therefore, there is actually no such thing as divorce but destruction.

Luke 15:14-17 He spent all and there was also farming in the land, life became VERY hard for him. Sometimes when there is nothing, it enables you to reflect. Coming to yourself is realising who you truly have.

Luke 15:17 Until you see a picture of yourself in Christ, you will not realise that you are better than “dinning with pigs”. The prodigal son came to place of sober reflection and realised that he had sinned against his father.

Luke 15:20 His father waited for His son to return home and welcomed him with open arms. The Father waited patiently for his son by demonstrating His love to His son (the choice was for the son to come home). When he approached his father, he was about to explain himself but his father affirmed to him that he will restore him unconditionally.

Rom 8:1 There is and will never be a time that those who are in Christ Jesus will be condemned.

The Father does not charge the younger son for His wrong doing but forgives him.

The Older son

Luk 15:25-31 The older son wondered why there was celebration in his Father’s house.  He was angry about this celebration. The Father came out to plead with him (the same way and manner as He came out to welcome the younger son). The Father explained to him that ALL that I have is yours. The older son was angry because the Father has taken from his portion to celebrate the “prodigal son”.

Luk 15:29 However actually, the motive of the older son all these years of being the “good obedient” son was only behaving to get what his Father has.

We are good because God has made us good, not because we are self-righteous.

Who is really the prodigal son, the older or younger son?

Luk 15:1-4 This parable is really about the elder brother, if you were the elder brother, what would you have done?

Rom 8:26-29 Christ Jesus paid for the price for the firstborn position for us. Therefore if you truly understand this, you ought to give that price the value it desires and live peaceably with all men.  

Eph 2:1-6 Jesus raised us up with Him to be on the same pinnacle as Himself. Therefore, just as He is, we also are the church of the first born.

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