The Cross








1 Cor 1:17-24

It is required of every believer to pass through the cross. There is no crown without a cross, there is no glory without a story, no victory without contention.

Matt 16:24; Phil 3:10; Heb 12:2

Simply means that Christ is the standard pattern of every believer. Christ is the express image of God, meaning the life of Christ is a pattern for every Child of God. If you will follow Jesus, first thing you must do is to deny yourself and second to take up your cross. As a believer you have the ability to take up and drop your cross, it is a matter of choice.

The experience of the cross is always one of shame, pain and death. Crucifixion is the worst form of torture and death sentence.

1 Cor 1:18

While Jesus was on the cross He actually had the ability to leave or drop the mission of the cross, yet He choose to stay and finish the mission. Likewise, every believer will face a time in their life experience where you are faced with the decision to leave your cross, to compromise. If Jesus did not compromise by dropping the cross, then so can you go through; the world will term you a fool, but you know and God understands that it is through your staying through that guarantees the crown. Power is the ability to make progress amidst all opposition. The cross is a demonstration of the power of God. The cross meant death to the world, but beyond the cross came life. It was the cross that produced life afterwards. In the realm of the spirit and the mind of God, you are taking territory when you choose to stay on the cross.

1 Cor 1:23

To them that are perishing, the cross is foolishness but to the child of God, it is the power of God at work. As long as you keep your mind focused on Jesus and responding by faith, you are taking territory and making progress, you will eventually gain victory.

It is a Jewish mindset that the cross becomes a stumbling block or a form of punishment because the Jew believes that when you do good you are blessed. However the Bible reveals that God does good to all regardless of whether you are good or evil, simply because He is a Good God.

1 Cor 1:24

The cross is the wisdom of God. Wisdom speaks of the wholistic solution paid for by Christ. Christ came not just to clean the surface but to visit the root of your life to clean out all sin completely. Jesus identified with the condemnation of man, He identified with the least as well as death by visiting the grave to conquer all things. Christ is never ashamed to identify with the least and most condemned. Even in your state, Christ calls you His beloved one and therein is the wisdom of God. Christ paid for ALL. The church of God is open for ALL.

Mark 2:17

Trials and tribulations are there to expose your wounds and bruises. It is not about what the trials and tribulations but about how you respond when they come. If you do not accept your infirmity, you would never accept you need a saviour. God allows trials so that your inner weaknesses can be exposed for you to deal with. Beware of the little foxes that spoil the vine.

John 3:14-15; 3 John1:2

We are perishing from the wounds and bruises you carry; when the trails/tribulations/bad experiences attack you, they leave you with the poison of bitterness/malice/offence and the more you keep focusing on the poison, you can never receive your healing. However if you choose to look unto Christ you receive healing. Every attack is to create poison in the soul. God is more interested in you progressing whole rather than just progressing with poison inside you, thereafter becoming a liability.

Phil 4:6

Gethsemane is a place of prayer when you foresee a crisis ahead. Jesus came to Gethsemane to avert the cross but He did not receive the answer He desired rather, He received grace to bear the cross. The peace of God is the evidence that grace has been supplied. This peace does not mean that the crisis has averted but rather that you have received grace to bear it. Sometimes what we interpret as the judgement of God is actually the mercy of God extended to you.

No one can force you to carry your cross, it is a personal choice. However at the end of a cross is a crown. Let it be known that it is easy to drop off your cross on the altar of compromise, beware!

At times God will put you in unpleasant situations to teach you how to deny yourself. The cross is mandatory for every believer, between every mountain is a valley. The cross is for a season, carry your cross with the right attitude because the place of your disappointment is the place of your healing.

How do you become healed? By looking on the cross. Pray for the healing of your soul.

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