The Cross – The pathway to Glory








Luke 24:18-26

There is a purpose for your suffering, it is to enter into His glory.

The story of Easter in hindsight sounds like a great story i.e. the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus. The journey of Christ through the cross into glory is the pattern of life that God has designed for everyone. Everyone will go through a cross and eventually wear a crown. A crown awaits everyone. In order to wear your crown, you must bear your cross. The cross is not an easy experience. The end of the cross yields a peaceable fruit of God’s grace and blessings.

Luke 9:22

Jesus’ attitude towards the cross was a positive one. Whatever is negative with God, He would not put in His mouth; He speaks positive words only. His words quicken and call forth those things that be not as though they were.

2 Cor 3:18

Jesus had a positive necessity towards the cross because the experience of the cross is a necessity. Whenever you look into the word of God, you see the image of peace, love, rest, joy, abundance, restoration, excellence in spite of your present experience and circumstances. Between glory and another glory is a cross. The process of transiting from one level of glory to the other is the cross. The cross was Jesus’ transportation to glory.

Matt 16:21

Jesus understood that the negative cross is the pathway to glory as prepared by God the Father.

Matt 16:22

When you are carrying your cross, people that love you will try to dissuade you from what God has for you (from a position of love and concern). Know that God has called you and you need to focus on your cross. If you live in comfort, you would never become everything that God has called you.

Matt 16:23

The 21st-century devil hides behind good intentions. There is a difference between a good intention and a God-intention. No matter how a good intention is, if God is not in it, satan can attach himself to it. You must be able to discern between good and God.

Matt 16:24

The way of Christ is the way of the cross, self-denial, denying yourself of self-comfort. For you to go where Christ has called you, deny yourself and prioritise what God instructs you to do. In order to follow God, you must be willing to put your trust in Him beyond what you think you want/desire as a person. God’s path is more fulfilling but maybe more sacrificial.

Heb 12:2

For every child of God, there is a joy set before you (the crown). What you endure (the cross) is a choice you have to make because of the joy that is set before you (the crown). Jesus despised/disregarded the shame meaning He had a positive attitude through the process of the cross. You don’t turn the cross to your focus, your focus should be set on the joy set before you. Study how Jesus went through the cross, He focused on the fulfillment of the cross, He did not look or focus on the shame of the cross. The shame was not His priority. Your destination should be your priority, not the process.

Phil 2:8-9

When you are so aware of your future and the vision, you are not focused on where you are. The ultimate act of humility is submission. Humility says you are willing to submit to God and surrender to the cross as far as He will take you through; because you understand that until God has perfected His work in you, you stay true to the cross. Therefore, God highly exalted Jesus at the end of the process.

Everyone’s cross is prepared for them by God. The key thing about the cross is not about the situation but rather your response. Are you responding in flesh or in spirit? Everything about the cross is about responding in the spirit. The purpose of prayer in navigating the cross is to empower you to respond correctly rather than to take away the cross. Prayer enables you to go through the cross and not respond in the flesh. Prayer empowers you to keep doing what you ought to do as you are progressing.

Everyone’s cross is specific to them. Everything about the cross is to strip the flesh off you. Your flesh is your nature that is insecure, that has challenges, the weakness within. To occupy glory, you must strip the flesh (pride/ego/insecurity/people validation).

Luke 24:19-24

Before you get to the cross, your potential is evident to all. Part of God’s gift to you are the enemies God brings to your life. The enemies help you to advance your destiny. The fact that the trajectory of your life appears to be stuck/misaligned, keep faith and hope alive because God is still in control. In a position of ease, people take things with levity. When God wants to launch you, He places you outside of your comfort zone/unfamiliar paths. If you don’t respond positively, you would not see the glory, if you respond in the flesh, you would remain in the tomb. The right response in spirit secures your crown of glory.

Luke 24:26

Ought not Christ to have suffered these things and to enter into His glory. If you are not willing to suffer these things, you would not enter into glory.

God is very intentional.

Happy Easter!

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