The Curse is Broken


Gal 3: 13

No curse belongs to you as a Christian because Christ has already taken up the curse so we can receive blessing instead. We don’t do anything for the blessing except to receive them.

How do you receive the blessings? By saving faith. All you need to do is believe the work Christ has done over every generational curse or curse you brought upon yourself. So, you, your generations and all those around you are set free.

God doesn’t send curses into your life so you can be taught a lesson. The blessing is yours so you speak it over your life so you can see the power move. The blessing is a promise of the Holy Spirit.

Your experiences are to showcase you as a victor. Don’t adopt a victim mentality because of your trials. It is time to take dominion and kick your “poor me” thoughts out of mind. Practically put in the Word into place in your life. 

Your trials do not disqualify you from Gods presence but qualifies you to showcase God’s glory and help others. The woman at the well was not disqualified from speaking to Christ although by human standards she was unqualified as she was not only a Gentile but a woman of ill repute.

Trials are not easy. Life can be tough but as you choose to live for Christs i.e., spirit led, then you receive strength to live as victor. God loves you and understands that you are human so the Holy Spirit is given to you to empower you.

The level of blessings you have also depends on how thirsty you are for God. God desires that you have materials blessing but as a spirit led Christian, you should thirst for the Holy Spirit because the Spirit is life. Material things are not life. 1st Cor 12: 4-11. The Holy Spirit gives these gifts to showcase who God is.

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