The Essence of my Faith

cog.jpg Psa 22:11-21   Gal 2:15-21    Rom 1:16-17

Christ died to give you a relationship with God; not religion which is a list of rules to abide by. All you do should not be dictated by rules but by your desire to live to please your God. The Holy Spirit is in you to give direction on how to live for God.

Why do you believe in what you believe in? So many things brought us to Christ, for some, it was a need for protection, for some hunger but now that you are in Christ, what is the essence of your continued stay with Him?

1st Cor 15:12-19

Is your hope in Christ all about what is on earth? Our life is just a tiny bit of the eternity. Is all you do is about things on earth e.g. people’s approval, material things, etc?

We should not just come to God but abide in Him so our lives can be hid in Christ. There should not be a separation between what we want and who God is. All we have and are should be in God. What is your motive for all you do?

Have we turned God into a dispensing machine? Should we ask God for things? Yes. Will God give us things? Yes. But the essence of why you are in God is not for things but for a relationship with Him. All other things are additions.

Phil 3:4-11

What is the value of your being in Christ? Is it in the things you have? Paul says everything you have is worthless compared with the value of knowing Christ.

Whether you have what you need or not, you should be joyful. That’s because your life is about whom you know (God) not what you have.

If you are desperate for something, remember that it is worthless compared to your relationship with Christ.

When waiting for the things you want, keep on believing; keep on moving. It is all about the great reward. Keep speaking the Word. Everything may not materialise immediately but keep speaking.

Phil 2:25-30

Paul asked that Epaphroditus be given honour because he risked his life for Christ. Are you risking anything for Christ? Are you risking joblessness because you are not prepared to lie on your CV?

When what you desire and love and what you find to be your source of greatest satisfaction, delight, and fulfillment is just what God commends in His Word, then you know your faith is true…...Jonathan Edwards (1703 – 1758)

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