The Faith War








1 Tim 1:18-19; 6:11-12 You need to wage a good warfare and fight the good fight of faith.

Matt 11:11-12 The kingdom of God has been forcefully advancing and only the forceful take it / lay hold of it.

The importance of every battle is to win.

The faith war:

  • Is this worth fighting?
  • Is it winnable?

What is faith?

Heb 11: 1 Faith is the substance or foundation of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen physically.

Heb 11:6 It is impossible to please God in the absence of faith. Jesus was full of faith. God is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him.

The faith war is a JUST and IMPORTANT war.

This war is a spiritual warfare – coming to terms of what Christ has already done. Meaning we are waging war to lay hold of what has been freely given to us in Christ.

How do we fight this faith war?

The objective of every war is to win strategically and not casually.

Matt 11:1-6 Luke 1:41 John 1:34

John the Baptist was fighting a faith war. His act of doubt was not only the absence of faith but his expectation.

Expectation is the difference between thankfulness and gratefulness. Faith is not measured by size but by potency. You need the right faith not the right size.

The question John asked demonstrated his faith. He had an identity issue. Do u know who JESUS is? He is the Lord and Saviour.

Matt 28:17 Christ is not tied to our circumstance. Our circumstances do not determine who God is. God remains sovereign irrespective of how we feel.

Matt 11:3; 14-19 John the Baptist had an expectation and hence his question to Christ Jesus. Similarly with Christians of today, we fit God in a box and expect Him to respond or move in a certain way and when this doesn’t happen we become disgruntled, dissatisfied and doubt His existence.

1 Kings 18 &19 Elijah was depressed despite his demonstration of God’s sovereign power. The expectation of Elijah was not met but God came with a still small voice and spoke a word much after the fire, wind and earthquake!!!

Faith comes by hearing the word. Your response to faith is equally important as this demonstrates your faith.

Your believe must first stem from your understanding of who God is.

Luk 7: 1-10; Ps 107:20 Words sets your faith in motion. The right words of faith transforms the mind. The Centurion recognised who Jesus was and he spoke in great faith.

What are you seeing, what are you saying???











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