The Faith War II








1 Tim 1:18-19; 6:11-12; Matt 11:11-12

The kingdom of God has been advancing forcefully. Waging a good warfare is a mind war. The realisation of fighting a good warfare is acknowledging that Christ is.

Matt 11:1-6 In the battle of faith you must recognise who God is.

To overcome, you need strategy. In strategizing you must consider your adversary, environment and obstacles.

Luk 22:31-32  Faith in God is the antidote to Satan’s plan for your life.

Rom 10:17; Matt 11:4-6 Your environment is your position in warfare. Always make sure you are in a position of joy to be able to fight your battle. When you lose your joy, you lose your position in the warfare. You cannot interpret the gospel based on your circumstances.

Heb 11:1 Faith is the foundation of things hoped for. The foundation of your hope is Christ. Faith is the evidence of things not seen NOT the manifestation of things received. Your faith is the right response of things not seen.

John 1:29-34 John the Baptist recognised Jesus Christ by the interpretation of the spirit of God. The ability to recognise Christ and follow through is a demonstration of our faith.

James 2:14-26 Your recognition, proclamation and corresponding action is the evidence of your faith. Faith without works is dead. Your words and actions demonstrate the faith you have received. Abraham gave the most important thing in his life. The true demonstration of your faith is what you GIVE. God tested Abraham to see if Isaac was his idol and he passed the test because He had faith in God’s ability to provide.

Let your giving be relational not transactional. The victory is the faith in God (evidence of things unseen) and not the manifestation of what you have receive. Faith is not perfect until it is active.

Mal 3:8-12 Your ease and willingness to give invaluably is a demonstration of your faith. Abraham understood that Isaac was not his to keep but God’s, he was simply a custodian of God’s gift (Isaac). This understanding enabled Abraham to give willingly withholding nothing from God. This should be your mind set to giving.

Where / What is your treasure? Every treasure (idol) you take apart from Christ will fail you. Christ is the only God that died to keep us alive.

Matt 26:6-13; Luk 7:36-50 The woman with the alabaster box gave ALL to gain Christ. Jesus Christ commended this by saying her faith had made her whole.


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