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Gen 2:18-25 Eph 5:21-33

Three most powerful decisions you make in life are: your Salvation, Purpose and Life Partner. These 3 decisions lead to a destination; Salvation leads to eternal life, marriage and purpose lead to a fulfilment on the earth.

Prov 10:22 The blessing of God brings growth and increase in life. God gives priority to a FULL life meaning a life of fulfilment not necessarily long life. If long life was the ultimate Jesus would have had long life. Whatever God blesses us with ought to bring growth and increase to facilitate growth and increase.

Prov 18:22 Marriage ought to bring increase and growth. In marriage, both persons ought to receive ease and help on your journey through life. You find wealth and prosperity, this does not necessarily mean monetary but much more i.e. the wealth of wisdom, relationships, skill, management, boldness etc. There is a mutual benefit when people get married.

Matt 6:31-33; Prov 18:22 Things that God will give us are what will facilitate our purpose. God knows where we are going and he knows what things we require to enhance our destiny. Whoever God will give you will empower you to fulfil purpose. Hence it is important that you allow God lead you in your choice of a life partner. God’s choice for you is based on your destination in life. There is no BAD wife, what exists is a BAD choice! When God leads HE helps us make the right choice.

Marriage is a need that empowers towards fulfilment. Fulfilment in life is tied to significance. There are 3 levels in life; Survival, Success and Significance.

Survival means you are living below God’s expectation Exo 23:25-26.

Success means your life aligns with your personal expectations in life.

Significance means your life aligns with God’s expectation Gen 12:1-3.

Gen 50:20; Est 10:1-3 Fulfilment in life is tied to significance. Success is for you, significance is for God. When your life is significance, the hand of the Lord will preserve you.

Mal 2:14-16 Marriage is not about success but about significance. Godly children are found in blessed marriages.

Gen 2:18; Ps 16:5-6; Prov 18:22 If you acknowledge that your wife/husband was given to you by God, then you value the gift you have received. Man & woman is the zenith of God’s creation, you should value them as they are the apple of God’s eye. Marriage is like a triangle; the man, woman and God. If you handle your marriage as God desires you will enjoy purpose. They both are like the base of a triangle, the more both focus on pleasing God (right response per time), then together you come closer in your union.

1 John 4:8, 20-21; Eph 5:21-33 Every marriage has a climate and pattern. God’s climate for marriage is love, God’s pattern for marriage is submission. You cannot tell God you love Him if you cannot love and forgive your spouse.

Eph 5:21-33 Every marriage has an expression. Submission means to defer to one another. The expression of the wife’s love is submission. The most important thing to a husband is respect. Husbands thrive when the wife submits. As the wife submits she empowers her husband to be the MAN! The headship of a man is accountability to God Gen 3:9.  A woman submits to her husband because He is elected into that role by God. The more a woman is willing to submit the easier she will find that she can easily influence his decision as he feels at ease to defer to you. A man’s capacity (foundation) bears the weight of the marriage. The height of your home will depend on the depth of your life.

Gen 3:16 A man ruling the home is not a product of a blessing but a curse. To rule is a response to the curse in the beginning. The man should lead by example and then the wife follows.

Eph 5:22- 33 Husbands love your wife. This love is selfless love. This love intercedes, provides and protects. A man who expresses love must cover his wife (intercede in prayer) in all areas of life. A man must protect his wife from his family (parents, siblings), the church and herself. Don’t allow people put unnecessary burdens on your wife. Protect your wife from herself by praying for her, lead her by example.

Marriage is not about winning but about compliance. Marriage is a fusion of two souls meaning separate entities become one. Once you are joined together, you both become ONE! Your marriage has its own assignment. You cannot achieve independent of each other, you are committed to the marriage. Raising Godly seed is an assignment for the marriage (both parties involved). Gen 17:15-21 God’s covenant of a seed was established in both Abraham and Sarah together.

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