The Force of Unity Under God

cog.jpgGen 11: 1-9

The people had 1 language. This meant that they had 1 mind, 1 understanding, 1 perspective and 1 primary need. They saw the same thing at the same time.

They had 1 speech. This meant they had 1 voice, showing that they were united. Unity brings progress. Because they were united, they were able to journey together which is a sign of progress.

In their new location, they used brick instead of stone and slime instead for mortar. This shows they had advanced and progressed. This also shows that they were walking in line with Gen 1:28 where God commanded Man to replenish. The people recreated what they saw elsewhere.

So why did they fail to achieve their goal of building Babel?

  1. Babel was an ambition. God did not create man to have ambition but to receive vision. Ambition is a self made vision, manufactured by man when he can’t hear God. Vision is God given. Ambitions do not last but the product of vision lasts forever. God fulfils vision. They wanted to make a name for themselves-ambition. Their focus was on them and not God. Despite all their efforts, they were unable to make a name for themselves. Rather, God gave Abraham what the people wanted; God gave Abraham a name. Submit your ambition to God to receive His vision. You must also be willing to wait to receive the vision. Gen 26:2


  1. God never intended for man to build cities for themselves. God intended to build cities for men (Heb 11:9-10) and for man to receive the pattern of God’s building and then replicate (replenish in Gen 1:28). God asked Abraham to relocate and God planted him in his Promised Land.


  1. The people were insecure. They did not want to be scattered. They wanted a name, an identity outside God to cover their insecurity. Although, they were united, they were not under Jehovah Nissi (banner). Until God gives you peace with who you are, you will be frustrated. Your name is your identity. Your identity is not what you do. Your identity is what God calls you, not what others call you. Yes, men may treat you differently from what God has called you but you must continue to see yourself as God sees you.



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