The Friend called Yesterday








1 Sam 7:12

The memories of the victories and grounds that God has helped you to cover so far, in your life's journey should steer up unending praise and thanksgiving to God. Samuel set up a memorial stone called Ebenezer (meaning thus far, the Lord has helped us) to remember the battle they won which they didn’t fight.

Psa 103:1-2; 40:2-3

God wants us to remember our positive yesterday. What God did for you yesterday can build trust in God for today.

1 Sam 17:37

David got victory through the memory he had about yesterday. He recalled that God delivered him from the lion, bear and giant. Remembering the victories of yesterday will reinforce your faith and diminish your fears of tomorrow.

Ecc 9:4; Phil 1:6

It appears that humans naturally remember the failures of the past than the victories. Only the living can praise the Lord. Rather than be depressed and empty, recall to mind the one who is ever constant, the same yesterday today and forever. God did not bring you this far to shame you.

Job 13:15; 14:14

Most times, prayer is the last resort simply because you forget the one who did it originally. However, Job clearly had absolute trust in God in the midst of all his trials and challenges. How about you?

Be resolute in your heart to develop an intentional cheerful heart of thanksgiving and gratitude to God for the victories of yesterday as these will help to reinforce an unwavering trust and faith that is rooted in the confidence that God is able to make ALL grace abound in ALL things. With God, nothing shall be impossible.

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