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Psa 112:1-3

Gen 18:17-19

Gen 2:24 Marriage is a fusion of 2 souls/people into 1 entity. The resulting entity is different from the persons joined together. Marriage is a 3 fold cord.

‘He that findeth a wife’……Good thing means ease, help, wealth etc. Whatever good thing you do, your spouse should add to it.

Gen 17:18 The seed that God promised had to come through his wife i.e., marriage. God’s assignment to a person includes the spouse. They may not necessarily do it together, but it must be delivered in unity. Raising Godly seed must be done in fusion – UNITY.

People cannot separate a marriage because it is an entity not meant to break. Therefore when it is broken, it is actually more of a destruction than a separation and the destruction is reflected in the assignment and asset.

Certain assignments have to deal with marriage strictly. Raising a child is the responsibility of the marriage and not the individual. This is God’s ideal which may be different from personal dilemma of divorce, death of a spouse.

A company is similar to a marriage.  A company cannot be separated but can be dissolved. When the company is being broken (dissolved), then the books are examined. Marriages that go into separation and divorce, things covered become revealed. Dysfunction becomes apparent.

It was when David killed Uriah and married Bathsheba that the true state of David’s sons were revealed. The grace that covered things was removed and the true state of things were revealed and allowed to act.

As parents, you deposit both good and bad traits into your children. When you see your bad traits being exhibited in your children, don’t use physical means to correct the Adamic trait in your children. Use spiritual means to destroy the generational stronghold being exhibited. Don’t judge your children when they show your bad traits. Help them instead- PRAY for them.

As children, you have certain proclivities which form neural pathways that are passed onto your children. That’s why Isaac lied where Abraham lied. There are many battles you are fighting that the source are not directly from you but from your progenitors.

So what do you do? Invite the Holy Spirit to shut every door from the past. Declare the doors are sealed. The problem is not generational curses as Jesus overturned the curse. What exists is the strong hold so the devil uses default to rule, i.e. you need to invite the Holy Spirit and angelic forces to enforce the legality of Jesus resurrection.

Speak to the door, declaring that your seed / children have the mind of Christ; they become transformed into the image of Christ – this is the blessed image.

Gen 12:3 Every home is the smallest unit of society. God starts with a seed so when God wants to transform a society, He goes to a family.

Gen 18: 18-19 Who a man is in a family will determine the future of their family. God told Abraham that because of who he is, his family will flourish. God told Jeroboam that because of who he is, his sons will be killed

A family (the home) is God’s haven for grooming an individual in a secure stable and Godly environment. The love in a family is unconditional not based on performance, so the children can develop properly.

Prov 4:1-5 The reason Solomon asked for wisdom was not because he was spiritual but because that was what David taught him. Also, Solomon had many wives and concubines because David modelled that to him. What are you teaching your child???

The family is the key to a productive and healthy society. Character is not developed in church but at home. The family is the prototype of what society should become.

Good values to imbibe in your children – the fear of God, good culture (honour & respect) and education (exposure). The fear of God is using God’s opinion to make decisions and live. Anything you want to see in your children you must teach it. You must be intentional. Model (train) a child in the way he should go Psa 22:6.

Isa 54:13  Teach your children according to the pattern of scripture. The pattern in which we raise our children will determine if they have peace in their future.

Prov 29:18; Gen 15:1-6  It is a parent’s job to help children forge vision. The word ‘abroad’ brings you exposure – an experience to see NEW things, expands the mind – INSPIRING the child to DESIRE greater heights. Vision sets your children on the path to greatness. Allow them see possibilities.

The aim of every family should be to become a power-base. This is a function of VISION. Leave a legacy for your children - a good name, education, relationships (networking). The purpose of wealth is not to oppress but to build relationships.

Leave a good heritage for your children.

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