The Identity That Qualifies








Gen 25:20-34; 27:8-17

Mal 1:2-4

When the Bible talks about Esau and Jacob, it talks about the individuals beyond the span of their lives, but the spirit that originated from both men. God not only talks about their acts, but their acts created a spirit. For Esau, the spirit behind the land, went on to influence the kind of people in the Land of Edom. The spirit that originated from the conduct of Esau, created a conduct and a culture of the people of Edom. This is a spirit that God despises and resists. As parents you must be careful about the spirit that we allow to perpetuate the lives of our children. However, the spirit that Jacob had was a spirit that God loved, this spirit attracted a blessing from God.

James 4:6; Prov 6:16-19

God despised the people of Edom because of the spirit of pride.

Esau means wrath in handling, because when Esau was born he was covered in hair. Esau’s outward look was a reflection of his inward being.  Esau was tough, rugged, rebellious and had an unforgiving spirit.

Amos 1:11; Obad 1:10-14

Esau (Edom) had a root of bitterness (enmity) perpetually towards Jacob (Isreal) and for this reason God hated and despised the people of Edom. It is not by the loss of one that makes you better. Never rejoice over the downfall of another. If the Lord gives you discernment about a person, never assume that a divine intervention in a person means a transformation, beware! This was a wisdom that Jacob knew about his brother, Esau.

Gen 25:27

There were also good characteristics about Esau, He was a cunning hunter. Cunning from the Hebrew word, Yada means to know. He saw uncommon things, highly skilled, able to observe and see beyond the ordinary person, recognition, accomplishment but his character was lacking. He was also a hunter. In those days, hunters were prominent persons in the community. Hunters had trophies to show for their hunting skills, these brought glory and esteem to Esau. Likewise, in today, we are all hunters to varying degrees; some in career, business, finance, real estate, ministry etc.


He was given the name Jacob meaning supplanter because he held his brother’s heel. This name was given to him by men (his parents) not by God. This name was given based on a misunderstanding to a response of his prophetic destiny. Jacob was not doing something bad by holding onto his brother’s heel because God had prophesied this already that the older would serve the younger, however what Jacob did not understand was that he did not have to fight for that which is your portion. In the womb Jacob understood the prophecy that he should take the first position, but by extending the “arm of flesh” men mis-identified him as “supplanter”. Let your actions be inspired by God and not by fear, else it leads to wrong identification.

Rom 12:2

Men perceived him as Jacob but this was not who he really was, but over time he conformed into this identity. If people call you something long enough, you begin to conform to it.

There is the formed man and the created man. Your divine identity and blessing is in who you were created to be not in who you were formed. When God pronounced a blessing into the created man in Gen 1:28-31. In Gen 2:7 God formed man and poured into him what He had created him to be. Until you are in Christ Jesus, you will never walk in who God has created you to be.

There are 3 things that go in the formation of a person.

  1. What people call you; for example Jabez (named because he was born in sorrow); Moses (called the son of Pharoah’s daughter); Jacob (the supplanter) etc.
  2. What you believe of what is said of you. Heb 11:24 Moses refused to be called the son of Pharoah’s daughter! Jabez prayed that the curse be removed and replaced with a blessing however, Jacob accepted his name.
  3. The environment you find yourself. Your environment can make you to confirm. Jacob was a man who dwelt in tent but Esau was a man of the field.

Gen 25:27

The boys grew (were shaped into..) Growth is what you are shaped (formed) into. In this scripture, field refers to “his field” Esau was a product of what he did as a hunter. His hunting prowess defined him. Esau was defined by his flesh, effort, ability, skill, he was a self-made man.

When you choose to be defined by your spirituality, your results are grace-made. Children of God are not self-made but God-made (a product of what you receive by grace from God).

Heb 12:16

Fornication and adultery are symbols of idolatry meaning the regard for God in relation to what you need is diminished. Idolatry will choose self-gratification first outside of spiritual things. A profane person is someone that despises the things of God. God has called us to be sacred. Esau was profane in nature.

Jacob was a plain man. Plain in this context is from the Hebrew word tam which means complete, pious and Godly man. He dwelt in tents (as in the tent of the tabernacle). Jacob dwelt in God’s cover hence he was able to appreciate the value of a birth-right, he had knowledge.

Gen 26:34-35; 28:6-8

Esau had no regard for his parents, a man without regard for authority. He was not a man subject to instructions, he had no cover.

Jacob grabbed Esau’s heel at the point of birth. Heel in this context means weakness, vulnerability.

Gen3:15; 49:17; Job 18:9; Jer 9:23-24

Esau’s heel was his profanity – he despised spiritual things.

What matters to God is not your skill but how you perceive the things he values. Never come to a place where you think your strength defines you.

Gen 25:30-32

Esau depended on his ability, money, qualifications, knowledge, connections etc. It is the knowledge of man that grounds exploits however, they that do know their God are strong and do great exploits.

God appreciates true worship, His word and good works. Some of the breakthroughs you seek are in the hands of the people that need help around you.

Gen 27:8-15; Gal 3:26-29; Heb 10:9

Jacob received the inheritance not because of who he was but because he approached the father in the identity of the firstborn, Esau.

As children of God, it is your position in Christ Jesus that guarantees your inheritance, your portion in Christ.

Jacob could be led but Esau was a man of himself. God will only partner with a son who can be led. Esau was more skilled but lacked character, Jacob was plain and teachable man who dwelt in the (tent) presence of God.

You are blessed because God is with you and thus capacity follows.


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