The Journey of a Dreamer


 Gen 37:20: Let us see what will become of his dreams.

Persecution will arise

Mark 4:17: Persecution arises from a clash between the reasoning of God and the reasoning of man. The word spoken by God over you (prophecy) transports you into your destiny. When you understand and receive this Word, persecution arises

The persecution you face is not about you but about your future state (destiny).  That was why the devil attacked Jesus as a baby even when he was yet to manifest as God's son. The devil attacked Moses as a baby because they knew he was the deliverer of Israel.

Your dream will be attacked

Your dreams are a blessing from God but makes you a target from the enemy

Joseph was identified as the dreamer because that was the target of their attack. The attack was against his future state (dreams) and not his present state as a favoured child.

Levels of dream attacks and interpretation

Visions and dreams are interpreted at 2 levels:

  • How you perceive your dream and vision
  • How God interprets the vision or dream in line with His agenda.

Abraham’s dream was to be a father but God’s agenda was for him to be a father to many nations.

The devil also attacks you in 2 levels:

  • At a personal level: The devil attacked Joseph to destroy his dreams as a leader.
  • At a strategic level: The devil attacked Joseph because he was the one to deliver the world from famine and preserve the Israelites as God’s chosen people.

Don’t contend with problems as if they are there to stop your dreams but contend with problems as they are there to attack generation unborn. You are a patriarch and matriarch. Contend for your lineage.

How to fight for your dreams

  • Be assured that God has more for you than you are asking Him for. No matter what your present state is, keep speaking the Word over it.
  • A righteous man falls (is knocked out as in a boxing match) but God resuscitates and bring him/her back up (similar to how the supporters in the boxer’s side give him water, patch his wounds, give him words of encouragement and send him back to fight).
  • Fight the good fight of faith as you are programmed to win. As Christians, we do not lose. We may give up but if you are willing to continue to fight, you will overcome/win.1st Tim 6:12
  • If the odds are against you, then it shows you are citizen of the kingdom. Until heaven delivers what’s for you, keep fighting. Do not settle.
  • Contention is a mark that God has spoken. Eternal life is tangible. It must show. The word of God carries power but you need to enforce it.

Achieving your dreams in spite of the pit

Gen 37: 20. A pit signifies a trap, place of depression, a place where you never wanted to be in. Most people hardly walk into a pit but fall or thrown into it.

Pits are states where you can’t get out without help. Until deliverance comes, pits are cyclical; year after year you remain in the same state. You try to get out but fall right back in again. Zech 9:11

Pits have no water. There are dry. It has a form (looks like a place that can hold water) but no expression (it is dry). Pits are places of frustration because you hold it but yet you can’t have it.

Water signifies life. Life is more than existence. Water signifies God's presence. As a child of God, you have water inside you. Water means the life you want/dream of; the eternal life you desire. However, eternal life is already in you. Don’t look for it but birth it.

How to birth dreams

Gen 7:11. The fountain of the deep (i.e, what is in the inside of you) breaks before the windows of heaven start to open. So birth what is inside you by prophesying over the negative situations then the windows of heaven will open.

Gen 37:31. The original agenda was to kill Joseph. Then Judah spoke. Praise came out. Praise transports you from a dry place (pit). Judah's intercession did not send Joseph back to Jacob (his dream) but forward into Egypt (God’s agenda).

Heb 11:35 When Christ intercedes for you, it is not to give you what you want but to deliver you into destiny. This may not look like what you want but it is where you live in glory. For Joseph to move into destiny, an animal (Jesus) had to die to pay the price of the destiny.Gen 45:13. In the end, Joseph lived a life in full bloom i.e, he lived a life of glory.

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