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Gen 18:17-19

Gen 12:1-2 When God told Abraham to come out of his father’s house, basically God was saying to him to come out of the culture he had been raised and familiar with. Coming out of a culture is not necessarily a geographical relocation but more so a mind renewal. For God to do what He wants to do in our life, HE will ensure that there is a change of culture about us.

Culture is the sum total of a person’s worldview, we see from the spectrum of culture. The way one sees, think, dress, eat, believe and perspective to life etc is all tied to one’s culture. In embracing God’s plan for us, you must be willing to adapt.

A lot of people see things as half empty rather than half full. The Kingdom of God sees things as half full, understanding that everything begins with a seed therefore there is always hope of a better tomorrow, never a better yesterday.

The culture of the world believes in scarcity / lack / self-preservation / survival. In this mentality of lack and self-preservation believes that there can only be one person at the top, however in the Kingdom culture there is enough room for everyone at the top.

Cain had a self-preservation mentality and so he felt rejected when God praised and accepted Abel’s sacrifice rather than seeking to learn from Abel.

Joseph’s dream intimidated his brothers. Anything that you despise in your heart is a sign that you have no capacity to carry the same. As a result, Joseph’s brothers never became anything of value, they lived off him.

Job 22:23-24 (NLT)

God’s kingdom culture is of abundance and generosity. When you lack something in your life God can create it in your life. When you understand this, you do not hoard out of fear of scarcity. In the Kingdom our wealth is that we possess God and He possesses us likewise. When you have God, you have all things. God is omnipotent.

Every person has a culture that is working within. God’s culture prioritises being significant. Significance means I serve others to meet my needs. The path to God blessing me is God using me to bless others. In God’s kingdom, you always have something (wisdom, time, strength). The key to God meeting your need is that you allow God use your need to serve others.

Acts 10:37 The purpose of the anointing on Jesus was to serve, deliver, save others. The key to the blessing is building others. Wherever you find yourself, you are there to serve. Even the person that thinks they are in competition with you, is not your competition, serve, else you reduce yourself to the rat race.

Matt 6:33 Seeking the Kingdom first in service guarantees that the other things that you seek would be added unto you according to the order of God.

1 Cor 29:28; Acts 13:36 Fulfilment does not come by acquisition but by service. It is more blessed to give than to receive. Your priority should always be in service. The path to prosperity and fulfilment is service.

The essence of service is to bring improvement and value in whatever you do. Prayer is not the key to fulfilment rather it ensures that you are properly aligned to God’s culture.

2 Cor 10:4-5

Images must be pulled down and thoughts must be arrested. Until certain images are pulled down, your service will not be an acceptable service. Prayer pulls down strong holds to ensure that the light of God can shine in your heart to ensure that you see / think / perceive correctly. With the word of God that you plant in your heart, you are on the alert to arrest wrong thoughts that do not align to the agenda of God for you. You must always think from the perspective of God’s word.

Examples of stronghold cultures: fear of commitment, fear of authority; fear of correction, constant suspicion, distrust in relationships etc.

Rom 12:2 Your experiences try to conform you and this culture can sabotage what God wants to do in your life.

It takes 2 to 4 years to transform a person’s personal culture and how God does it is He takes you through a process. If your “wilderness” period exceeds 4 years, it only means that you have refused to learn the lesson of that season.

Dan 1:5 King Nebuchadnezzar wanted to use 3 years to establish the Hebrew children in a new culture pattern.

Luk 13:6-9 A man is likened to a tree. Wherever God finds you, He expects to see results. God expects a change and He expects to see fruits, else the season will pass over and you lose relevance. Your serve counts both in this life and in eternity.

The culture under guards achievement. The culture that you adopt is what determines what doors are opened to you. King Nebuchadnezzar chose the Hebrew men for his government because he perceived a culture of Godliness, discipline and service.

Which culture will you chose? In the Kingdom culture, God upholds all things, a culture of generosity and abundance.

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