The lessons that thorns teach








2 Cor 12:7-10

Knowledge is not an exemption from adversity, but rather it puts one in a better position to thrive in spite of the circumstances, guaranteeing a better outcome.

The purpose of marriage is dominion. The benefit of marriage is benefits, fulfillment, blessings, etc.

God did not call you into marriage to enjoy benefits but to have dominion and as you fulfill a purpose, you enjoy all the benefits that flow out of the fulfillment of purpose.

Dominion in marriage is that your marriage reflects God’s idea of marriage, the marriage between Christ and the Church.

Dominion is never fulfilled in the flesh, rather a product of grace.

Zech 4:6; 1 Sam 2:9

It takes the spirit of God walking through you to bring your knowledge to the place of wisdom and dominion. When things work, you know truly that you cannot take credit but the spirit of God that is at work in you.

Anything that would make you look down on your personal capacity and look up to the grace of God, God would allow (including a thorny spouse) it so you know that you are nothing without God.

The purpose of every failure/crisis is to bring you to an understanding that you cannot succeed/excel/thrive without the spirit of God.

2 Cor 12:9

The flesh is never sufficient, only grace is sufficient. The flesh is limited capacity, grace is unlimited capacity. If you are depending on the flesh you would run out of peace, patience, understanding, knowledge/skill/ability, etc. Until you are aware of your weakness, grace will not kick in (i.e. you will not enter into the realm of grace).

Your inadequacy/deficit is a signal that grace is available.

Never assume that you can handle a crisis better than others. You ought to thank God for your trials and tribulations because they are designed specifically for you.

The flesh always fails. The flesh is limited capacity, grace is unlimited divine capacity.

Growth as a believer is that you become more like Christ and less in your flesh. Growth is in the realm of grace.

2 Pet 3:18; Heb 4:16

You don’t need to pray for mercy, rather have you received/forsaken mercy. Jesus has paid the price and given us mercy. When you receive mercy, you would see grace working in your time of need.

John 2:8; 3:16

Mercy has been given to everyone but you must claim it individually. Idolatry simply means you have given another entity the regard that only God deserves. Whatever is the object of your belief is your idol. Your lying vanities are those things that make you feel justified in your wrong decisions/choices, i.e. the workings of the flesh. For example; anger. If you observe lying vanities you will not receive mercy.

Mercy can show up in people, pray for your eyes to be open to mercy so that you can receive it.

In a marital crisis, your spouse is not the enemy, rather your flesh is the enemy. That which your spouse is saying that you don’t like is an extension of God’s mercy so that you can access grace; of yourself, you cannot receive this mercy.

They that observe lying vanities forsake their mercy. Be open to criticism because it could just be God’s way of extending mercy to you. Mercy can manifest through people.

Our flesh is what hinders us from receiving mercy. Pray for the right attitude that can receive mercy.

2 Cor 12:8; Matt 19:26

Thorns don’t go away and they don’t change. If things are not changing, it is because they have come to deliver a message, you need to adjust and pay attention to the lesson. No problem/crisis is too big for you to handle, adjust your mindset and attitude. God wants to point your attention to something, you pay attention.

Thorns teach 3 things:

2 Cor 12:7

Everybody has thorns (marriage/career/finance/family/health etc). Thorns come because we think we are better than we really are. Knowledge puffs up, you assume you know what God will do. God is sovereign. Thorns reveal your limitations. The kingdom is about learning rather than knowledge.

James 4:6

Humility is a sign of being teachable. Thorns come so that you can learn. Thorns reveal that there is a new body of knowledge available for you to learn.

2 Cor 12:9

Every fresh marital crisis is a signal for upgrading.

2 Cor 12:10

The best time for a believer is when you are watchful not when you are comfortable. Being watchful is when your vulnerability is obvious to you and you pay attention to learn, pray and upgrade. Being comfortable can set you up for a crash. Fight the good fight of faith. Whenever you are enjoying peace, it is because you are enjoying the victory of warfare. Always stay watchful. Your time of peace is the time to prepare/learn/study/store up because war is always near. Don’t equate peace with carelessness.

John 10:10

The higher you go, the more of a target you become.

As a soldier of Christ, you are constantly enlisted in the army of God.

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