The Lion & our tribe of Judah










The Lion & Our Tribe of Judah

Dear Beloved,

Rev 5:5 Jesus is the lion of Judah and He reigns in the lives of those who praise Him.  Judah is our tribe so praise is not optional to a Christian. You are only effective as your praise. 

Whenever you praise God, you create space for Him, with the host of heaven, to work in your life.

Psa 114:2. Praise is God’s office and Israel (you) is His Company. Therefore, praise gives you dominion (authority, power) to perform your destiny. 

Psa 60:7. Most of us pray more than we pray. Use praise to shake any situation that has lingered for long. 

Job 38:4-7 As God was creating, Angels were praising Him. God rested on the 7th day, not due to fatigue but because it was finished; He had created everything there could ever be. Every new thing we see today is a function of the seed created at creation. As long as you praising, God will keep on working. 

1st Sam 30:4-6 When you praise, God will reveal solutions to you. David wept but when he encouraged himself, revelation on how to overtake and overcome came through. 

When God allows the whole world to see what embarrasses you, it is because He wants the whole world to see His glory in your life. 

Ruth 1:1-2 Ephratha means “House of Bread”, Judah means “Praise” and Bethlehem means “Fruitful land”. Elimelech was from the “House of Bread” of the “Fruitful land” in “Praise” but he and his family faced famine.  At times, what is written about you is not what you are experiencing.  

Ruth 1:6. Naomi heard of God’s provision to Israel. Although she was yet to experience God’s provision in her own life, she got up in faith to go back to her “Praise”. We should praise God over what is written and not what is happening. She and Ruth stayed in “Praise” till it started producing according to what was written about them. 



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