The Makings of a Father









Isa 51:1-2 
Phil 2:5-6
In these times, fatherhood has been on a great attack and this is not the original intent of God. God is a good Father, He provides, He does not give up on us, He cares and loves His children. When God created Fatherhood, every Father stands in the office of a Priest, Prophet and King.

Gen 12:7-8
Abraham was a priest, everywhere he went he set up an altar to God. An altar is a place where divinity meets with humanity; a place of transactions in the spirit; a place where a man stands in intercession before his God; a place where man stand in prayer to receive from God to man or from man to God. Wherever your feet steps on, take territory for God by raising an altar. We possess territory for the Kingdom by establishing an altar to God. Set up at your place of work, home, business etc.

Gen 13
Abraham was also a prophet. Prophets see from afar. Every man stands in a prophetic capacity in his home. Speak, prophecy, declare things into the life of your seed, children, family, future etc. Put the words of God in your mouth and speak prophetically into the lives of your children.

Gen 18
Abraham was a king. To be a king means to take responsibility for the people in your domain. Are your taking responsibility in the family, home, for the care for your spouse and children, are you a model to your children, teach them the ways of the Kingdom. Are you modelling being a King to your children. The strength of every Father and Kings domain is tied to the strength of their priesthood. With the altar you control the climate and the temperature of your home, marriage, finance, business, career, nation etc.
The more God elevates your higher, the more room you must create for God. As you advance, you must dig deeper in your priesthood. The grace of Fatherhood advances as you are promoted. You must advance as a man of prayer as you are promoted. Promotion is a responsibility. You must build everything according to pattern, go back to God for the blueprint.

Isa 51:2 God called Abraham alone, blessed Him and increased Him.
The trajectory of the blessing is being alone, being blessed and then increase. The nature of Gods work with us is always initiated in solitude. How you know that God is about to start working on a new level is that God will separate you for Himself. Meaning men will begin to isolate you, it is God calling your attention. God called Abraham alone; God called Moses alone at the burning bush; David was called along for kingship; Jacob was made in solitude; Joseph was separated from his father and 11 brothers and was made in solitude. The place of solitude is the place of divine dealing. We are made in solitude. God has separated you to consecrate you for Himself. Solitude is an invitation into His presence, He removes the negativity and builds a man. It is in the place of solitude that God gives ideas, clarifies plans and visions; gives divine templates and patterns for the building and establishment for His purpose for your life.

The secret place is not just the place of prayer but a place of absolute dependence on God, to see things as God sees, a place to develop the mind of Christ. If you have a bad attitude in solitude, you would never fulfil the process. Being alone with God is not loneliness. Loneliness is your perspective. 

Father means source, originator, source of dependence, protection, preservation. A Father is a source for his wife and children. A father cannot be a source for another father. As long as Abraham remained in His father’s house, he remained a son and not a Father. You cannot be a father in your father’s house. God said to Abraham to leave his father’s house. God was weaning Abraham from his father’s limited resources compared to the riches in Christ Jesus that is allocated to us to birth a nation. God wants to align us to the true source. You must align to the true source.

Luke 6:48
The rock is Christ Jesus the rock of ages as a source that we draw source from. We build and establish our foundation on Christ.

Gen 21:14-19
What you receive from a father is doctrine, spirit, culture, water (eyes of the spirit), bread (knowledge, understanding, habits). If you do not see with the eyes of the spirit and think with the mind of the spirit you will not see divine opportunities.

John 4:12-14
Anything that another man gives you is a limited resource, God’s provision is an unlimited resource (supernatural supply). Jesus also left His Father’s throne (Heaven) and took on the form of a servant on earth; in the end, He received a name that was greater than any other name.

Phil 2:5-6
One of the great hindrances of success is to rest on past success. You must continue to press on. Don’t cling to the past. God has set eternity in the heart of man, this is the nature of God. Don’t cling to old glory, keep on pressing forward. The path forward is through service. Jesus took on the form of a bondservant, in spite of His status as the son of God. No service no honour. Service is the key to greatness / leadership / promotion. Ensure to be engaged in doing something, even if it not the most prestigious role. Excellent is a language, it is a form of expression. When you do (serve), you will command respect.

Humility is a disposition to Gods sovereignty meaning God knows where I am and He has not abandoned me yet, He is working with me. Jesus humbled Himself to a point of self-denial for God’s will to be done, serving the will of the Father. In the end, God gave Him a name (the brand) above all; His name commanded honour and respect. Service is the key to receiving the brand.
Fathers commit to service. There is a template God has called each person into, serve!

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