The Perfection of Sons








Luke 15:11-32

You can never truly appreciate success until you have experienced failure.

You are strong because you have a knowledge of God, you have experienced God. You succeed not because men say you succeed but because your eyes are fixed on God’s definition of success. It is based on understanding of God and depending on God, rather than self-effort.

1 Cor 1:19, 24-25; Jer 17:5

Man will either fail early or fail late, but he will fail; the purpose of flesh is to reveal failure. The purpose of the failure is to bring you to a place of total dependence on God. Every struggle on earth is to bring you to a place of absolute dependence on God. Never allow your spiritual vibrancy to bring you to a place of arrogance. We all as humans are equal in trials, tribulations, challenges, circumstances etc. No one is in a better situation than the other, we all have the same source of strength, God. Before God everyone is dust.

1 Cor 4:2

In the kingdom of God, we own nothing but are entrusted with a benefit from God, and we must see ourselves as stewards. God’s barometer of success is how faithful are you, not what men see. If you are not faithful, God cannot give you more because God entrusts.

Luke 16:10

Are you faithful in what you have? Rather than seeking more, prioritise faithfulness, because when you are found faithful in little, you would automatically be a recipient for promotion. The desire to own is a sign of immaturity and failure.

Luke 15:12; Gen 1:26; 2:22; 12:2

God is not a give me God, He makes men. The true prayer should be make me. When you have been made, you would be in a position to receive. God is a maker.

Exo 7:1; 1 Sam 2:7; Matt 4:19

It those that He has made that He can entrust. You are constantly being made. God is the porter, we are the clay. When something is lacking, pay attention to your making not what you thing you ought to receive.

Luke 15:13

The making process is between you and God, this understanding ensures you stay in process. Process facilitates your making; through tough and pleasurable times. Your priority should be in the relationship with the Father rather than the blessings. Your focus should be: “Is the Father with me?”

The young son wanted more, he was seeing adulthood as pleasure. This is a sign of immaturity. But the adult sees adulthood as responsibility.

The young son went to a faraway country, he wanted to independent from the Father. You are only as safe, secure as your support system. When you are not under divine supervision, you would waste that which God has given you. Your capacity to do correctly is because God helps you.

Phil 2:13; Heb 11:10

Success is in depending on God, stay the process and it will all work together according to God’s plan for you.

Luke 15:14-15

Adversity always comes to give you direction. It is God letting you know you need help. The challenge is; who do you turn to for help – God or man? The young son rather than returning to the Father, joined himself with another man. How you know that you are dependent on God is that you are accountable – return to that authority figure that God has placed in your life.

The young son joined himself to the citizen of the country, he started to accept the culture of that environment, contrary to his prior standards.

Luke 15:17-19

The young son came to himself and started to question himself, then he decided to take responsibility and surrender to His Father’s wisdom to make him. The Father restored him.

In the Kingdom of God, the gospel is that of building rather than materialism.

Luke 15:27-30

Apparently, the older son had the same issue, he was serving the father in order to receive a kid (baby goat). All the years he had been with the Father, he had not allowed the Father to make him; he had not become a reflection of the Father. The older son’s mind-set was still not conformed to the Father’s heart. Beware!

It is God that perfects us as sons, He is our maker.

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