The Place of Unity, the Place of The Blessing








Psa 133:1-3

Eph 4:1-3

Most people consider peace as an external force. However in the context of the scriptures, peace is an internal treasure. Peace is something one must guard with all jealousy. Jealousy is a positive thing, it is fighting to keep what is rightfully yours, however envy means to desire what belongs to someone else.

However you cannot be jealous to a point of obsession because that becomes a manifestation of idolatry.

Your peace is something to be jealous about, being a constant state of guarding your peace.

Phil 4:6-8; Prov 4:23

Peace is given in response to prayer. Peace keeps you in a state where you are able to birth that which God has placed in your heart. God gives you peace to guard your heart. Wherever you find peace guarding a heart, you will find productivity.

Peace also means stillness and quietness. Meaning regardless of crisis without, there is stillness and quietness on the inside. A person can be at peace in the midst of a storm. What causes your agitation is not what is happening around you, but rather what is within. You should determine what governs your heart. God is at work in an atmosphere of peace.

Phil 4:8

Peace is a product of meditation. Meditating on the right things will produce peace.

What is Peace?

3 John 2; Rom 12:2

  • Peace means nothing missing nothing broken, means you are as whole as God made you. Whole all round. Prosperity also means peace. Peace is the foundation of every prosperity. When the enemy wants to attack your prosperity, he creates division amongst people and even between your spirit and your soul. The more renewed your mind is, the easier it is for God to prosper you. The more renewed your mind is, the less baggage you carry.


  • Peace means to set at one again. When you are double minded, it means you are not at “one”. When you are at one, God sees possibilities with the united peaceful “one”. Every relationship in peace have valuable possibilities. The primary relationship you must be at one with is with the Holy Spirit. When you have an issue with God, you lack peace and confidence to communicate with God. As long as each member within the church is at peace with the Holy Spirit, ultimately, everyone will be at peace and aligned with God, thereby unity becomes a common occurrence within the church. Unity is possessing and prioritising the same spirit (i.e. the Holy Spirit) but it is not uniformity (the expression might be different). Where there is unity, there is harmony. Everyone has unique distinctive strengths, unity brings the harmony together.

Psa 133:2

Where God sees unity, He does not pour out Himself upon them in a measure, there is an unlimited measure of God’s anointing (oil i.e. His Spirit). The body of Christ is a body, we are not individuals. Prosperity is the supply of the Spirit translated into career, progress, promotion, increase, fruitfulness etc. When people are united, they become unstoppable. When a church is united, the anointing flows to every part of the body.

Acts 2:44-47; 4:32-33

Let your dealings be with simplicity of heart, void of offence. Grace is supplied in the atmosphere of unity. Lack is a mentality, watch your mind-set. Unity creates an atmosphere of generosity.

Psa 133:3

Dew comes to refresh the ground. Dew of Hermon signifies a place where God pours His anointing into the Sanctuary. Zion is a place of dryness on its own. Unity will make a place transform from a parched dry place to a blessed place. There God commands the blessing. When God sees people are united, God designates the Blessing (the Holy Spirit) permanently. Wherever the Holy Spirit inhabits, prosperity abounds.

A united church is attractive to the Spirit of God, there God commands His blessing, life forevermore.

Our Unity is Our Blessing!

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