The Position of Favour








Gen 11:6-7

The favour of God does not operate in a vacuum. Favour is received through work.

Luke 2:51

Jesus was obedient to His parents and therefore He increased in wisdom and stature with God and man. Favour is received through conduct.

Favour is received through responsibility with the sense of acceptance for example Queen Esther. Don’t respond to responsibility as a burden but as an opportunity to access favour.

3 things you must put in place to access favour in these times prophesied in Psa. 44:1-3

Favour is already available.

  1. Your mental wellbeing
  2. Your association
  3. The right environment

Your understanding by fact cannot access the favour of God, rather you need the understanding that comes by faith.

Gen 12:1 The association around Abraham were a limiting factor from where he was to where God was calling him into, so he needed to move into God’s ordained association and the right environment.

Your Mental Wellbeing

Prov 23:7; Eph 3:20; Prov 4:23

A potent mind is a fertile ground. The heart of man is broken to the thoughts/feelings/choices of every man. This is the engine room where life is produced. The potency of the mind is productive in every facet of life.

Rom 12:2

The strength of the mind is dependent on what the heart feeds on. The transformation of a man is dependent on the renewal of the mind. To prove means to discern the will of God. A faith-filled mind sees a seed as a mighty forest. A potent mind does not despise little circumstances. A poor mind sees a seed as a lack.

Deut 9:5

Discern opportunities not by the profit but by the substance and type of person you are dealing with.

Jere 17:5-8

To ensure that your mind is potent, you must be proactive of what you feed your mind with.

Isa 55:1-3; Jere 15:16

Wine speaks about the expression of the spirit. The word of God brings you joy and nourishment. The same way the tongue tastes food, likewise the ear tastes words. When you hear words of life, it delights the soul. You must be intentional with your ears and your mouth.

Rom 10:17

Faith is transported to you through the word of God and how you position yourself to receive it is by listening to what faith is bringing your way.

Phil 4:6-8

Anxiety will not allow your heart to be productive. You address anxiety by praying in tongues. When the peace of God comes, your heart is repositioned to receive the word of God. You guard and maintain your peace by what you focus on and what you give attention to. The natural mind focuses and amplifies what is negative rather than on what is positive. You must be careful that you do not constantly feed your mind with negativity.

Ingratitude is a sign of a heart that is full of negativity and such a heart will breed negative expectations and outcomes.

Gen 40:5

Joseph’s mindset remained gratitude even in prison. The opportunity presents itself to a grateful heart. You must feed your mind correctly to interpret life correctly.

Mark 8:18; Luke 6:45

What do you remember? What is stored in your heart?

Your treasure is what you hold dear. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. You are as limited or enabled as what you treasure in your heart.

Gen 11:6

One language means everyone spoke and understood the same communication and information. When your information and communication is correct, you can execute accurately. If the source of information is the same communication will be accurate and execution will be seamless.

Gen 11:7

To confuse a language it means there has been a distortion not in the communication but in the source of the information. At the tower of babel, the unity was based on the source of the information and communication was clear and so execution was seamless.

Do you understand when God speaks?

Gen 3:11

God asked Adam, who told you that you were naked? Who is the source of your information?

Isa 55:1-3, 6-8

Check the source of your information. If the source is not right, the information will not be right, the communication will not be accurate, check the source.

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