The Potential in your Seed








James 1:17-18; Psa 127:3; Prov 10:22

God has blessed everyone with seed, no one is without a precious seed or gifting. Hence Gen 1:28 God spoke to man saying, be fruitful. It is the deception of the devil that makes one feel that you have nothing! It is the enemy that points to emptiness. God always points to seed.

God has called us to empower and protect the seed He has given us. At the birth of a new-born, we celebrate the birth of the child but most especially the potential of whom they will become. Likewise, in a seed is the possibility of a great vision. Everything that God will bless you with always comes in seed form because it has to be nurtured and empowered. Hence, do not despise your seed!

Wherever you find yourself, your call is to empower and protect until it becomes. A seed is nothing until it is planted before it can become something of worth / value. Similarly, a child needs to be groomed and nurtured.

Gen 22:18

What you make of your seed is how you see it. Through your seed, all the nations of the earth shall be blessed.

Gen 18:18; Isa 51:1-2

This is the potential of every child of God. Your identity informs your potential. You are called alone to be blessed, empowered and increased through your seed.

Gen 18:19-19

You build your seed according to God’s divine pattern as He is the architect of your life.


What God has prepared is the pattern you receive (download) and build with. Your focus should be: God what have you prepared for me! When you walk in what has been prepared, you are walking in the blessing. If you do not appreciate what God has given you (your seed) then you cannot download the pattern. The potential God has given you is to bless others around you, not just for your personal consumption, because HE is a generational God.

God has made us custodians of business, career, marriage, family, ministry, government, politics etc in order to perpetuate His agenda on earth.

2 Cor 9:10

There are 2 classes of people God is using on earth:

  • The seed worker
  • The harvest worker

An apostolic work breaks the ground and sows the seed. Be careful not to despise the role God has given you because it is bigger than you.

John 4:38; Luke 10:2

Responsibility comes with harvest. Harvest though sounds attractive, is not for everyone. Every seed is an opportunity for labour so that you can qualify for a harvest.

Eze 29:18-20

Your attitude to your seed is very important. Every labour may not bring instant reward but all labour is important. God never forgets, He records for a time of remembrance. In obedience and consistency, you reap a harvest.

1 Cor 15:37-38

You may not always reap in the form you sowed, any ground God gives you is a good ground. Your call is to nurture and maximise the seed and allow the Holy Spirit to create the right environment that will sustain growth.

Gen 26:2-3; 46:3

Your responsibility is to allow the Holy Spirit to create the enabling environment for your seed to grow.

Ex 13:17-18

The fact that another person has a short cut to breakthrough does not negate your path.

Ex 23:29

The beast of the field are the responsibilities that comes with a harvest; glory is heavy.

Two things about your seed:

  1. Your seed is valuable – appreciate the value within. Every seed is precious. 1 Tim 4:12; Neh 4:1-4 Let no man despise your seed. Mockery is the last tool of the enemy when he knows he cannot stop you! THERE IS POTENTIAL IN YOUR SEED!
  2. Your seed has a spiritual identity. The identity of your seed is what the “word of God” has called you not what the world has termed you. PAY ATTENTION TO THE WORD!



Our spiritual identity as a church is rooted in the following scriptures:

Joshua 5:9

Isa 37:31

2 Sam 7:10

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