The Power of association in attracting Favour









The Power of association in attracting Favour

The association that gathers favour.

Gen 13:1-18

Psa 66:8

God sets the solitary in family. Associations are divinely orchestrated by God.

Isa 51:2

Before God can set you in a family, you have to be willing to be alone with Him. Abraham was made into a great nation, for God to graft you into your portion in the family, you have to be willing to be alone with Him first. It is God who will set you (the solitary) in the family association.

Exo 4:14

God divinely orchestrates/severs relationships.

John 3

As God develops you from one level to another, He associates you with people along the journey.

Matt 4:19

Jesus called all of His disciples; Elijah took Elisha, Moses took Joshua etc. As God would elevate you, seek out those who call you i.e. the ones God connects you with. These are people that would embrace you for who you are in God.

Mark 3:14

As God connects/associates you with people to learn of them, grow with them, you must know what you are learning from them. In time God would also lead you to people you would pour into.

Your association rubs off on you. As you associate in the word of God, you grow in God-confidence, peace, faith, power etc.

For God to associate you with a person/relationship, He will open you up for the relationship so that you can draw virtue from that association.

Associations make you, they can also mere you.

Gen 13:14

When you engage in prayer, God will draw the relationships He has for you. Prayer draws helpers of destiny to you.

Acts 28:3

Prayer also exposes detrimental relationships that are attached to you. For example through an attack.

Prayer severs relationships in your life. Don’t hold onto relationships that God exposes and severs/delivers you from. Prayer aligns you with God and separates you from anything that is attached to you which is not aligned with your purpose in God. Don’t let the convenience mislead you in destiny.

John 6:15

Prayer will re-align you with God, you become so detached from men that you are willing to stand-alone (solitary) with God. Jesus detached Himself form the opinions of men. When you truly engage in prayer, status/comfort/material things no longer becomes your priority, rather you prioritise the presence of God.

James 3:16

Abraham had a heightened sense of truth in God such that he was not willing to compromise his fellowship with God; he did not want strife to impact on his relationship with God. Guard your relationship with God and put away strife.

Gen 13:8-11

Lot means veil; he saw things from a carnal/worldly perspective.

Gen 13:12-14; Psa 37:4

Abraham saw things from the word of God and the spirit of God. Abraham separated from Lot and he became alone with God. Abraham delighted himself in the Lord by choosing the presence of God over strife.

Favour comes because you are in position i.e. in alignment with God. Faith comes by hearing the word of God.

Lot believed in an Egyptian standard.

Isa 30:1-3; 31:1-3

As you associate for favour, let your priority be who see you from a Godly perspective. Whatever will not allow you to be you is not good for you.


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