The Power of Expectation

cog.jpgProphecy can be fulfilled before or after its time. You need to believe the prophecy to make it happen. Luke 1:45

The Israelites stayed in Egypt for 430 years instead of 400 years because they did not take action. They were waiting for God “to do it” until they realised they had to pray. Ex 2:23

Prophecy can quicken the expectations of our lives. It is hard to get what you are not expecting. An atmosphere of expectancy is a breeding ground for manifestation.

Zaccheus took action and climbed a tree to meet Jesus. His action showed his faith and he was saved. Luke 19:1-6. The woman with the issue of blood took action and touched the hem of Jesus’ garment. Luke 8:43-46. Her action showed her faith and she was healed. If you wait, you can waste. Take action today.

Walk with your prophecy. Fight with your prophecy. You can determine your time. Joshua took action and commanded the sun to stand still. Josh 10:12-14. Turn your expectations into words. Use your mouth and speak confidently Prov 18:20-21.

Give towards your expectations. The Philippians gave Paul a gift (Phil 4:14-18) and then Phil 4:19 was spoken over them. Giving precedes receiving.

Celebrate your expectation in advance. Your expectation is a strong belief that something will happen. Testimony is based on what you see, whether it is happening or not. Keep praising God for what you see with your spiritual eyes. Joel 3:13. Praise is the sickle that reaps the harvest.

Remember to walk in love. Love is obeying God’s command. If you give without love, it is a sacrifice. Obedience (love) is better than sacrifice 1st Sam 15:22.

Forgive so you can also receive forgiveness. Develop a heart for God as that prepares your heart to receive. Take steps of faith. The four men took steps of faith to get to a camp filled with loot. Faith is a risk but its worth taking because it makes life worth living. Heb 11:1

What draws men to God is the believer’s testimony. Sin has the capacity to stop your expectation. Jer 18:10 

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