The Power of your Confession


2 Corinthians 3:11-18

Jer 1:9-10. Your dominion in life is tied to the word you confess in your life. Matt 16:19. It is with your mouth that you create your world. Gen 1:1-3; God intentionally did not speak about what He was surrounded by (circumstance of darkness) BUT He spoke what He wanted to see.

The fact that you cannot see it doesn’t mean that it has not been created. Rom 4:17; Col1: 6. If you cannot speak in faith, keep silent! Rom 10:6-10.

Your confession is not whether you will see a change but that there is a change and it will surely manifest. Remember God’s word does not expire, it is programmed to come to pass. As humans, we simply run out of time. Isa 55:11

The promise of God in our mouth is our spiritual reality and our confession makes it our earthly experience. Josh 1:8, Psa 139:16Be careful how you use your mouth, Deut 30:14-19, John 6:63. You choose life by what you chose to say.

Heb 3:1; 4:14; 10:21-23What do you profess? This is you true conviction, what you are absolutely convinced about. Heb 13:15

Christ being our High Priest administers our profession (confession + conviction). The more our words honour God, the better for us because Christ will honour and administer the fruit of our lips.

The circumstances of life will always seek to oppose you, however the fruit of your lips rules your life. Prov 18:20-21

 2 Cor 3:13 The veil is the limitation that makes us doubt what God has said to us.

 Confession is in 2 levels:

  • We confess to profess (Psa 45:1). Even when the veil is speaking negatively, keep confessing positively and consistently. By this, you are writing / engraving God’s word in your heart.
  • When the word of God takes root in your heart, then your confession becomes your profession! While you are confessing God’s word, keep focusing on Jesus who administers your profession, not on prevailing circumstances. 2 Corin 3:16-18

The glory of the Lord is the picture that God’s word paints when you look into the word of God. Put God’s word in your mouth and speak with great boldness of speech.

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