The Process of Perfection








James 1:2-8, 17
Heb 6:1
Perfection means to be complete, to be fully prepared in all situations.

Psa 139:14
Perfection does not follow the measurement and variations of men because everything that God made, He qualified as “good”. The bible makes us understand that we were fearfully and wonderfully made.

James 1:2-4
Perfection is a product of the testing of faith. The attitude to adopt during this testing of your faith is patience. Testing means the process of proving your trustworthiness. Faith is your belief identity; your belief in who God says you are. God must prove you are trustworthy of that identity. Patience means staying under the process of proof.

Perfection is tied more to knowledge than what you are lacking.

Eph 1:3
God will put you in a situation that brings out the treasure in you. Your journey with God is not about God adding to you but about discovering that which is already deposited within.

Heb 6:12-15
The journey of life is the journey of discovery. Discovery comes through perfection in the process of trials / tribulation / crisis / challenge / tears / pain / hurt. Until you have been perfected you cannot handle the promise.

Are you fit for the promise?
Your process determines your value. It is with faith and patience that you obtain the promise. Faith is a posture of knowledge.

Job 14:14
Faith is the substance of things hoped for; you go through the process because there is a living hope in your heart, the promise. God perfects you for every promise that He has made to you. Your perfection is the capacity to handle wealth. God wants to entrust you with Kingdom wealth but He will first take you through the process of perfection in lack before entrusting you with great wealth. It is all about the perfecting of your faith.

Prov 8:15-17
God gives you the capacity to handle every promise. This capacity is called wisdom.

James 1:2-6
How does God give wisdom? By taking you back through the process. When you lack, you return to the process to learn, this produces wisdom. Circumstances are there to build you, so don't despair, expel doubt within.

Matt 2:10
Count it all joy in spite of all the prevailing circumstances. The sacrifice of praise is only produced in a season of affliction not in ease.

Joy is a product of knowledge, not an occurrence.

Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. There is a unique process for each person, embrace your process, run your race, do not look around, look up, and stay focused.

James 2:7-8; Psa 78:17-19, 22-26
Whatever is not done in faith is sin. To rebel means to turn away from / abandon the process. As long as you are willing to stay in the process, your stability is sure. When you begin to doubt God’s way, then you are double-minded and unstable. The fact that you are enjoying God’s blessings/breakthrough does not mean you are walking in perfection; remember God is faithful. The key thing here is that you stay the course/process.

1 Cor 10:5
A trusted vessel is a perfect vessel. The fact that you are perfect does not mean you are faultless, but rather that you are learning (you know what you ought to know / right knowledge).

James 1:17; Eph 4:7-8, 11-12
The good and perfect gift is a person who has gone through the process, has become perfected, and has obtained knowledge. A perfected person is a gift to those around him, their generation.

Acts 13:36; Est 10:1-3
You are a gift to your family, community, church, generation, let God perfect you and you will emerge as gold.

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