The Progression of Manifestation








Rom 4:17-21; Heb 11:8; Isa 43:18-19; 1 John 1:1

In 2019, the church will experience tangible miracles and testimonies. The Kingdom of God operates in a process. Between you receiving a promise and walking in the reality of the promise, you undergo stages and processes:

  • Hear the word
  • See what the word is pointing to
  • Beholding the word (behold that which you have seen)
  • Handle the word (the manifestation of the word)

Rom 10:17 – Faith comes by hearing. What you hear is not just the word of God but the right interpretation of the word you have received. The conception of your miracle is in what you hear.

Hab 2:1 – Be careful about how you hear and don’t be causal with the word. Also, abstain from places that will abort the word that you have received from God.

Mat 6:31 – Decide to either take thoughts that align with the word you have received or drop thoughts that have the potential to abort your faith.

What / how do you hear? A believer should hear to see.

Hab 2:1 – Until you have seen, you have not heard correctly. Why? Until sight is activated there will be no movement in the realm of the spirit.

Jer 1:11-12

Until you see, you are not on the same page with God. Until you see what God is saying He is not obligated to perform, because He only fulfils the counsel of His will.

Heb 11:13

You see things first afar. In the Kingdom of God, there is no magic, you will see it first from afar. How do you become persuaded by what you see from afar? By constantly beholding!

In 2019, you must intentionally be fixated on the picture God shows you.

Josh 1:8

Beholding is another word for meditation. Meditation means that you constantly return to the picture you saw in the word of God. Meditation is not a mechanical effort.

How do you meditate?

Deut 11:18-19

You have received it in your heart, you constantly focus on the promise in the word, you speak it constantly, you share it constantly until it shapes your mind, thoughts, the more you gain more light on the matter, because your mind is full of it. Your spirit is flooded with the words that you have believed, in the process of time, revelation (light) will be released to you.

Psa 44:3

Between you and what you are believing God for is light. God does not work in isolation, He works with that which surrounds you. Pay attention on His word. Feed on the word of God, it will produce fruit. Don’t just try the word, feed on the word, hear it, behold it and then you will handle it. At the point of handling it, you might not have handled it, but you are fully persuaded and convinced of the word that you have received.

Rom 4:18-20

Hearing, seeing, beholding is God’s way of reconfiguring you inside out. External conditions don’t affect you, it is what is in you that enables you to respond correctly. It is either you are living by external conditions or living by faith based on what God has told you. What you consider will determine how viable your faith is; if you consider your condition, your faith will be weak and hopeless. Your fact might say hopeless situation BUT your faith in God should infuse life into your heart.

What made Abraham ignore the obvious circumstance of his age? Abraham called things that be not as though they were. He did not fool himself however he focused more of the reality of His faith in God. Abraham’s eyes were fixated on God’s promise to Him. Grace is the bridge between your limitation and God’s expectation for you.

Gen 15:2-6; 2 Cor 10:4-5

Abraham was honest with God, he did not pretend or ignore his immediate condition. You cannot pray for new beginnings with the vision of an old reality. Prayer is pushing, what you push out is what is within. Your thinking pattern must be renewed, else it will abort the process. In Gen 15, Abraham’s heart was not rightly focused initially and God had to address it. Beware of strongholds in your mind. What is the state of your heart?

Gen 15:5-6; 22:16-17

Pay attention to the image that God creates in your heart and embrace it. God replaced the negative image in Abraham’s heart (the deadness of his body) with the stars of the sky (innumerable seeds that he would bear. Abraham believed God and started to behold the “stars”.

Heb 11:12; 2 Cor 3:18

Fill your mind with what God is saying to you. You need to start beholding the images that God has shown you in His word. What you behold, you become.

Jer 15:16

In 2019, feed on the word. You need to behold the word so that it can create a new nature within you. This is how you create a new beginning. You will see correctly in this year. The power of God at work in you, is Christ in you, the hope of glory. Don’t just desire what you can receive through Christ, rather desire Christ.

A believer’s life is lived inside out. Your prayer will not be effective when the image is defective. Panic is a sign that the image in your heart is defective. Panic is a product of fear, if you are fearing this means you are paying attention to the devil because he is the father of liars. When you correct the image within, things will align. Feed on the word and it will produce the expectation God has for you in His heart.

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