The Promise of God’s Rest


Heb 4:1-11. There are three kinds of rest in the bible:

Physical rest: God values rest from labour so much that He included it in the 10 commandments. Ex 20:8-9

Eternal rest: All humans have finite life. Heb 9:27

Rest of faith: This is God kind of faith. It is a place where you have an affirmation in your spirit that God has answered your query but you are still waiting for the manifestation.

The rest of faith does not begin until you have an affirmation. This affirmation is the substance of things hoped for described in Heb 11. Without this affirmation, you should keep labouring to enter into rest.

How do you labour into rest? It looks like an oxymoron.  To labour into rest means you earnestly strive but not through your good works but through the finished work of Christ and His grace which gives you an inheritance. To labour into rest means that you earnestly desire the works of God, it means you make an effort using the Word of God.

A true sign that you have the rest of faith is when the Word of God about your query becomes more real than the situation. Another sign is that what you say and do aligns with what you believe God for.  Yet another sign is that you remain expectant of the manifestation.

So what can you do to aid your movement into the rest of faith? Soak yourself in the Word. Have at least 5 scriptures linked to your query which you read and mediate over and over again. This will build up your faith which is the spiritual vehicle that God uses to bring supernatural reality into the physical reality. Then watch and see God’s work. 

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