The Purpose of Favour









Gen 37:1-11

The purpose of favour is to build bridges. The purpose of God’s favour on your life is to attract people to connect with you to draw from the deposit of God’s grace upon your life.

Favour can start by first isolating you. Favour distinguishes you as a person, it makes you different from those around you. It removes you from the pack so that you can execute a divine purpose. Noah found favour in the sight of God and this favour isolated him from his community.

Gen 12:1

Abraham was so favoured that he was assigned to relocate from his father’s house. Even though favour is supposed to build a bridge, however, it starts first by isolating you. The hand of favour makes a man or woman uncommon such that you appear to be dancing to a different tune.

Favour means different. Favoured people talk, think, act differently. This is the age that you must maintain your authenticity as a child of God. The uncommon nature of a favoured person is the seed of a different culture that God has placed in you to birth in your generation.

Noah was mocked as being different in his community whilst he was building an ark, this resulted in isolation however through Noah God birthed a new generation after the flood. The favour of God on your life will make you sound different.

David was so favoured in his life that it isolated him in the field and created a culture of worship whilst tending sheep.

Do not let flesh and blood term you weird. The favour of God on your life is why you sound/talk/behave/think/respond differently. There is a culture that favour is supposed to birth. Embrace your authenticity and uniqueness in God. Do not conform to the standard of someone else. Look inwards and birth the seed of God in you.

Isa 65:1

The bridge of favour more often connect you to people whom you don’t know (i.e. people outside your immediate community/family) not people who want you to conform. Joseph’s favour isolated him in his father’s house however he was highly favoured in Potiphar’s house and in the prison.

John 1:11-12

Your favour is for the benefit of those that despise you the most. They may not immediately recognise it but they will eventually accept it because they will need it.

Gen 50:19-21

If you don’t use favour correctly, the favour will cease to appreciate in your hand. Joseph recognised that the favour of God on his life was for the benefit of his family, brothers who attacked him and sold him as a slave to Egypt. You must not respond to evil with evil. The negative reactions and plans of men towards you because of God’s favour in your life are orchestrated to bring you to the fullness of God’s purpose in your life.

Psa 105:1, 17

The medium for transporting Joseph to the fullness of God’s favour in Joseph was through slavery. The slavery was not the end of his destiny, rather favour appreciated and he remained favoured in Potiphar’s house and also in the prison and also in the presence of Pharaoh who appointed him Prime Minister in Egypt. The favour of God distinguished Joseph.

The favour of God transported Joseph to Egypt. Never reduce the favour of God on your life to a self-serving scheme but maintain the purity of the assignment so that it can keep appreciating.

Joseph understood that the purpose of God’s favour was service and the more he served the more it appreciated. You must maintain the purity of the assignment for the purpose of God’s favour in your life to appreciate.

Luke 9:52-56

Favour is not for destruction.

Luke 4:17-20

This is the purpose of God’s favour, it is not oppressive/repressive/punity.

Abraham used his favour of God to intercede for the deliverance of Lot and his family from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Joseph understood that the purpose of his favour was to serve and preserve his generation.

Psa 23:6

God sent allocation where persecution is being dealt. You are not to focus on your enemies but on God’s preservation. The enemy should only be a signal that this location is where God will meet you.

You cannot earn the favour of God, it does not come by works, it is a gift.

Gen 37:3-11

When what you see of another person makes you envious and despise them, you have reduced them and simply disqualify yourself from God’s favour for you. Rather embrace, appreciate, and sow into the favour of God. You become what you celebrate/serve/help/appreciate/support/bless/encourage. Stop envying and minimising people’ favour. In the Kingdom of God, you are to complement rather than compete.

God allocates different grace and gifting in the body of Christ and when you identify and bless the gift, you attract the same to yourself.

2 Cor 8:13-15

There is something that you are full of that others lack and there is something that another is full of and you lack. This is a spiritual buffet for the benefit of All. As you appreciate one another’s favour, this will be reflected in the lives of one another.

Favour is to build bridges for the benefit of the body.

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