The Qualifier of the ‘Unqualified’







1 Sam 16: 1-13

In God we are already qualified. Waiting is trusting God. When God says rest / sit, He has already qualified you for it.

Isa 64:4 God requires us to follow Him as He leads us through the path He has prepared for us.

I Sam 16:10-11 Even David’s father did not reckon with him enough to present him before the Prophet Samuel. But God looks at the heart, not the outward appearance. It is God that qualifies, it doesn’t matter if those closest to you do not qualify you.

1 Pet 2:9 Don’t wait for people to define or qualify you when God has already qualified you.

1 Sam 16:12-13 Even the scheming of men cannot stop God from bringing you out and calling you into your place of manifestation. God is not a time waster, remain faithful in whatever you do.

What qualifies you? Define yourself by what God says about you.

Col 3:2; Eph 1:3-5; Rom 8:14 You are blessed because you are united with Christ, you are a child of God. You are the carrier of the blessing regardless of your location. God has adopted us into His family through Christ. God never forgets His children. God says to rest in His words because He has qualified you.

Judges 6:11-16 Don’t allow your circumstances define you or your God. God is good, do not allow your circumstances to define who God is. God is a good father. Every circumstance refines you in God, even in the fire, God is good.

Josh 1:9 God has already made provision for the strength you need to access. The public anointing of David is a reflection of what He had experienced with God privately.

1 Sam 13:14 Let your hearts and motives be right, seek in line with the will of God. David was qualified by God because He had a heart after God’s heart.

1 Sam 15:20-21 Unlike David, Saul never had a heart for God and hence God rejected him. Only those that are ready to lose the world can gain the Kingdom.

Ps 78:70-72 David was a shepherd of sheep and goats first, before he shepherd a Nation. God is not a time waster. Understand that where you are is an experience for where you are going. For example, Joseph learnt administration in the house of Potiphar. Never despise where you are. Your experiences in life will become reference point for others to trust God.

You qualify when God sees that you have completed the process / work He is doing in you.

Rom 5:1-2 We stand in the place of underserved privilege in Christ Jesus. A privilege that only God qualifies you for. Christ has done ALL, you simply work into all that Christ has prepared.

Luk 16:12 Be steadfast, constant and committed. Stay faithful in what God has committed to you, no matter how little.

Psa 139:16; Jer 29:11; Matt 6:10 Follow the script that God has prepared for you, He is faithful, He knows where you are, He feels it all. Wait for Him, He has qualified you.

Trust God!

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