The Spirit of Honour








The first four commandments that God gave Moses deals with Honouring God and the last six talks about honouring man through relationships.

Honour – to esteem, to highly consider worthy.

Honour is the celebration of difference. Honour and respect are two different things. Respect is an attitude while honour is a demonstration. Honour is the seed for access. You will never tap into the anointing of a man of God if you do not honour them. Honour will either give you a fragrance or an odour.

Honour will take you further than being genius. Honour will take you to heights where your job may never take you, because one encounter of honour can bring favour into your life – one relationship can alter your life for ever.

Psa 138:2 Honour begins with God. God honours His words above His name. Every time you spend time praying you are honouring God. Honour is something God requires from His people. Honour is a culture.

We honour God because of who He gave us – Jesus Christ.

We honour God because He demands it.

Matt 10:41; 2 John 1:8 The kingdom of God is about rewards, your level of reward is dependent on the level of honour you deal to the Man of God in your midst.

Familiarity is the enemy of the anointing. Honouring your Pastor means honouring the mantle of God upon their life.

Mal 1:6 The place God is taking you will depend on the Pastor God has placed before you. God is about to flourish you but you need to discern and identify and honour those God will send your way.

Surround yourself with people that will challenge your way of thinking. The mantle you respect and honour is the mantle you will partake of. Every encounter with a Man of God will move you into your place of destiny. When Elisha connected to the grace of Elijah, he became a prophet.

Your ability to discern the new season will depend on the grace you extend to your Pastor.

1 Sam 9:6-9 The anointing is pulled when faith is exercised. The gift of Honour released the answer. Honour is something that is given, it is not demanded. Not only will you honour your pastor, you should also honour your bosses. Honour will pave a way and promote you.

When you honour God, He will honour you. People will honour the call of God upon your life. How you handle the man of God will determine what you handle in life.

 How do you honour?

  • Obedience – listen and obey instructions. God will never bless what you birth in the flesh. Choose to obey.
  • Prayer – Ps 86:12 Honour God with your time.
  • Words – Your words must speak life to others always. Declare right words. Be honourable with your words. Your character will always outweigh your gifts.
  • Thoughts – Ps 19:14 Cast evil thoughts.
  • Service – Volunteer and serve God in your local church. Be available to volunteer.
  • Excellence – Be honourable through excellence in all you do.

Your Pastor is the voice of God to deliver you to your next stage in life. Every season of your life is connected to an individual.

Open your heart to honour God’s gift in your Man / Woman of God.

God bless you.


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