The Spiritual Warfare called mental health









1 Sam 16:14-23

Meditation in the kingdom of God is filling your mind with the word of God. A mind filled with the word of God inhabits the presence of God.

1 Sam 16:23 The antidote to depression is worship.

John 10:10

Warfare is about destruction. When the devil fights, he does not fight fair. This is why when you pray, you should not limit yourself to praying in your understanding, hence you pray in tongues. When you pray, you pray the mind of Christ over every matter in your life and His agenda per time.

Rom 8

Praying in the Spirit: Pray without ceasing means you are constantly alert, your mind is constantly focused in prayer mode. Watch and pray. When you pray in tongues, aim to pray for at least an hour to register your presence in the realm of the spirit.

A watch is every 3 hours. Every watch, register your presence in prayer. It is the consistency that generates the power required and gain momentum. The secret to engaging in warfare is the consistency in action. When you engage in the spirit, the Holy Spirit opens your eyes and guides you to specific prayer points according to the will of God.

Deut 7:1-5

Every blessing of God upon your life is always bigger and greater than you, you grow into it and so you receive it by faith. Once you take the territory you establish God’s altar and Kingdom there.

Judges 2:1-3

For everyone, there is a promise over your life, there is a fullness and identity in Christ that God has purposed for every child of God.

Judges 2 is a consequence of spiritual warfare. This is a season of settling, not entering into the fullness of all that God had purposed.

A horse signifies any arm of flesh that is beyond your human capacity. A chariot signifies doctrines, systems, structures that are beyond your ability, skill that is designed to limit your progress. These chariots and horses have created a mind block, you begin to forget God’s promises, capacity and you then start limiting God in your mind. The children of Israel then started to enter into covenant in agreement with the systems of the land. Whatever you accommodate (i.e. covenant) will limit you. Every altar supplies a token to the prince of the powers of the air, thereby establishing altars in the hearts of men. When you come into a territory, what influences that territory begins to influence you likewise, if you accept or accommodate the systems of the land especially where it is contrary to God’s kingdom pattern for living. It is not about the altar, but about the person accommodating the belief system of the territory that you have come to accept. Accommodating and accepting a belief system simply means you are cutting covenant with the system and in the end, the limitations of that system begins to influence your life.

Do not limit spiritual warfare to just pulling down altars but also be watchful not to allow your mind accommodate the wrong culture. The kingdom of God is counter-cultural, we flow in the direction of God’s agenda.

Mental health is increasing more today because the earth has become more Godless.

3 John 1:2 Primary prosperity is not material possession but your soul (i.e. your thinking, choices and emotions).

Gen 4:16-23, 23-26

Anything God gives you, He must be there to supervise it else it can become a curse because of misuse. The absence of God’s presence gives room for dysfunctionality. Anywhere people are Godless, mental health will be the order of the day. Man was not created to go through life without the supervision of God.

1 Sam 9:1-2, 5; 10:1-2; 16:18; Luke 2:40, 52

Sound parenting starts with exposure to God’s presence. Man was created to function from Eden, the presence of God. You are as effective as your reliance on the presence of God.

1 Sam 9:1-2 God’s description of God.

1 Sam 9:21 Saul’s description of himself. Saul suffered esteem issues. Saul had a poor perspective of himself.

1 Sam 10:23-24 The people’s perspective of Saul.

Because Saul did not know God’s perspective about him and he was more conscious of his low self-esteem then he sought the validation of men to gain self-worth. This was the main challenge of Paul, people’s validation, he cared too much about how other people see them. Saul was not exposed correctly, He never sought God unlike David whose life was completely dependent on God.

John 2:23-25; 5:41,44

If you understand how God sees you, your destiny would not be tied to any man. Do not put your trust in any man.

The root of insecurity is idolatry. Idolatry means that you are worshiping the wrong thing. Your devotion reverence and selfworth should be drawn from God alone and therein lies your security because God never changes, He remains stable.

People bow down to the ability and accomplishment of men and when this diminishes, then depression emerges. Look up to God alone who is ever stable ever sure.







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