The Transformation Experience


What is the gospel?

2nd Cor 3:13-18

Rom 1:16 The gospel is the divine route into salvation which includes abundance life. Salvation is a destination in God where we enjoy life in its fullness. 

The gospel is not the law or prophets. It is Christ. What applies to you as a Christian is the gospel. Therefore, there is no need to compare yourself to the prophets or the law as they lacked what we have; Jesus. Job 16:21 Job suffered afflictions and he said he wished he had an intercessor which is what we already have in Jesus.

The bible is a library of books that contains the word of God. It is a book of principles, patterns and promises. The promises are what we believe God for, principles are what we need to do to access the promises and patterns are the way God works. Everything in the Word is for you. The moment the gospel has made a way for something, it is the will of God.

What is abundant life?

John 10:10 Abundance of life is not just having everything you need in abundance e.g., career, marriage, parenthood, ministry etc. But in addition, abundance life means that if you fail in an area of life like business, career etc, you can start again. Therefore, you should never give up on anything in life.

1st Tim 1:9 Your righteousness is based on what you believe, not your actions. Luke 4:19 The acceptable year of the Lord is now. So, the day Jesus died and resurrected, this year commenced. So you can enter your acceptable year now.

How do you transform?

Everyone who comes to Christ commences at Gen1:2 (without form, void and darkness) but ends at Gen1:31. This covers giving your life to Christ as well as any issue you bring to God.

The spirit of God hovered over the deep. God is attracted to your issues.

Gen 1:3 Let there be light or It is My will that there be light. Call yourself what God has called you in His word. It is a deliberate decision and not a passive event. Behave in the manner God has called you to. God’s call is not just an identity i.e., I’m a Christian but a function i.e., I’m a Christian so I behave like one.

So you need to take the image God has for you, based on His word and transpose into your mind. God changed Abraham’s and Sarah’s name so they would start calling and seeing themselves as God saw them. So even when God asked Abraham to kill his son, he obeyed because he knew he was a father of many nations and if Isaac was to be taken away, it would not deter him from being a father of many nations.

Let there be light. Light is focused. God is not interested in giving you things but wants to transform you. Of what use are His blessings when you are not transformed to His glory? Like Abraham, would you now choose to see yourself as what God called you?