The Unforced Rhythm of Grace








Matthew 11:28-30 (MSG)

Gen 2:2

The second day of man was the first day of God taking a rest. Man is programmed to function from rest i.e. we word from a position of what God has programmed and established.

Heb 4:11

Everything you do is to ensure that everything is in position so that you can function from there. Labour to enter into rest. The moment the connection is established, there would be a free flow. The proof of rest is faith and the proof of faith likewise is rest.

Faith is the capacity to receive that which you have hoped for. Once you are connected to God through faith, anxiety leaves. The moment you receive the power and capacity (faith) then you can function from the position of rest.

John 15:5-7

When you are not bearing fruit, it is because you are not abiding in the source, God the Vine. The proof that you are connected to God is that you are constantly hearing the word. Where you abide will inspire what you desire. Your desires will be informed by the Vine.

Eze 2:2

Rest is physically responding to what has been spiritually established. To labour into rest is that you seek that which God has already established. You find this by what God tells you.

Gen 26:2

Eze 2:3-7

When you come before God you are first on the bed of affliction and He revives your spirit so that you can stand before Him, then He speaks His instructions to you. There is God’s word for everything. You present the word to any storm.

Rest is not free of trouble rather it is being sure of victory in spite of a storm. The opposite of rest is not work but anxiety and stress. When you have faith you would not be stressed.

Anytime you are stressed or anxious, check your connection with God. You are supposed to function from a steady flow with God, a position of rest in God.

How do we connect with rest? By waiting on God.

Waiting on God means to partner with God in what God is doing and to leave what you want to do. You connect to REST by waiting on God.

Matt 11:28

The reason why we are heavy laden, labouring, toiling etc. is that you have been going to “man”. God desires for you to recover your life by showing you how to take a real rest. Rest will allow you to regain your essence in God. Waiting on God is a recovery process.

Matt 11:29

Walk and work with God and see how He does things, learn the ways of God. You can learn of God, the unforced rhythms of grace. In walking and working with you, He teaches you to be you so that you can be who He ordained you to be, your authentic self. God will bring you to a place where you would see the value that He has placed in you and begin to appreciate the God within you.

The voice of the Lord is not a critical or condemning voice, it is a gentle and lowly voice. Even His rebuke is upward, encouraging, inspiring, respective and restorative not condescending nor abusive.

Christ’s work with us is inspirational and not forceful.

Christianity starts as a duty, a discipline and then it becomes a delight. If it is not a delight, it is a signal that you are not connected. Labour to enter into rest. Your walk with God is not a struggle, stay connected as it is an unforceful rhythm of grace.

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