The Voice of Faith


Many times, we answer the call of God but not in the way He wants us to answer. Faith is the correct response to the call of God.

We recognize God’s call not by the channel but by the content of His call.

When God speaks, it profits you i.e., enables you to advance. God does not condemn you i.e. bring you to a negative conclusion.

God speaks scripture and not English. So to hear God, you need to have the scriptures in you. Your faith, i.e., ability to respond correctly to God’s call is limited by the extent of scripture you have in you.

Faith works with patience. Don’t be tired. God knows your days and knows it’s short. He will never be late.

The potency of your faith is not how big your faith is but the clarity you have, i.e. you have no doubt, confusion or hesitancy over the matter.

To get rid of doubt, expose yourself to the Word. The Word is for revelation (to produce life) and not for information which makes you a critic.

Faith points to the joy ahead whilst doubt points to defeat and shame as outcomes.

God’s faithfulness (Grace) to you is not dependent on your performance. God will not risk His reputation because of your mistakes or foolishness. So stop calculating how God will do it.  Num 11:20-23

Yes, persecution will arise to test your faith but as Jesus not only spoke of His death but also His resurrection, so must you look beyond your trials to your salvation. Speak the Word over yourself. 

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