The Way Forward








Rev 5:1-14

2021 appears sealed, no matter how sealed it seems, your life is in His hands and He holds the year in His right hand. Regardless of what may seem to come your way, your life is in His hands.

God reveals the things that He is about to do to His servants. There is a posture that you must assume in order to receive from God. This posture is the posture of a servant. God reveals the future to those who will serve His agenda. The future that is sealed is like a script and if you are not willing to act according to the script, then you will not be an actor in the play.

The Lord wants to reveal the script of 2021 to you but you must take the right posture.

Heb 11:24

The moment Moses moved in God’s direction, the more God revealed. The posture to make progress into 2021 is the posture of a servant. Service is the plate for serving your value to your generation. Service is your key to acceptance in 2021, the future God has called you to.

Status/achievement/greatness can be enemies of progress in our lives because the moment you become full of your achievements etc you become satisfied, full, and stuck (you lose motion).

Status/achievements/greatness can be walls or bridges. The greatness of today becomes the irrelevance of tomorrow. If you don’t understand that God did not intend you to hold onto the achievements of the past should be a lesson you take forward and not a hindrance. If you are able to build a bridge, you are able to relate. To move forward you must be willing to build bridges i.e. be approachable. Your bridge is your service.

Rev 5:9

The Lamb of God was slain on the cross. The cross is the symbol of self-denial. He was slain on the cross so that He would be found worthy to take hold of the future.

Phil 3:7-12

The essence of being slain is that you must die to your past. Your worst version is Adamic and your best version is Christ. Every time you die to your past you move closer to your best version in Christ. You give what is already in hand to gain what is ahead of you in Christ. Abraham was seeking a son but God was seeking a Father of Nations. There is always more in God. God called you so that you can lay hold on why He calls you. Until you lay hold of what God has laid in your hand, you cannot find fulfillment.

The cross is necessary for progression. The cross is your process. Every time you come to the cross you are empty. Every stage God brings you into, you fall short. When you are going higher, God will empty you. A failure does not mean God has failed you, rather God is growing you. The essence of the cross is to empty you.

Matt 5:5-6

The poor in spirit means that God empties you to fill you up. The state of dissatisfaction is the state of health in God. God always creates something around you to ensure you don’t settle because there is always more in God. Once you are seeming full, He empties you again. This is a continuous cycle in God.

John 4:7-10

Sometimes God would make a demand of you that you feel you don’t qualify for. Jesus said to the Samaritan woman, I have things to give you but until you give me first, you do not have space to receive what I have for you. Until you give God, you don’t have space to receive. You receive by giving first. There is always something in your hand to give first. You must make space by giving first.

John 4:14

Progression in God comes first by giving what you have. What God gives is the immaterial substance first (faith) that would birth the material blessing.

Phil 2:5-9

Never settle, there is more in God. We don’t deal with people but with God. Your comparison should always be in relation to God’s standard.

Rev 5:1-6

The Lion of the tribe of Judah signifies identity; the root of David signifies status; has prevailed signifies greatness. Your identity does not negate your posture neither does your posture minimise your identity. You cannot serve in your lion form.

John 15:4

When you know who you are, the more humble you become and you serve. The more of God you know, the more willing you are to serve and as you serve, the more God will exalt you.

Rev 5:5-13

The celebration that endures in heaven for the saints. Every time you serve, you unlock another level of celebration of the God in you both in Heaven, on earth, and underneath the earth.


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