The Weak and Mighty Man


Praise is the response to knowing the will of God. It is not a manipulative tool to conjure His presence. God had foretold that Eli’s sons will be killed. Although the Israelites took the Ark to the battle and shouted God’s name because His presence was not with them, both sons were killed. 1st Sam 4:3-11

Prov 21:31. The horse signifies human capacity as against divine strength. Chariots signify man made systems that aid human capacity. Horses and chariots show capacity to perform acts but they are not reliable. Ex 15:21 The Egyptians had capacity (horse and chariots) but were unable to capture the Israelites who had no weapons of war or skilled warriors.

God makes mighty (high level capacity) and weak (little or no capacity) men. Capacity can be your wisdom, qualifications, networks, beauty etc which is to help you forge ahead in life.

The weak man is usually quick to realize his weaknesses and shortcomings and seeks for help. Mighty men are created not to intimidate but to motivate others. However, both mighty and weak men need divine strength to achieve.

Gen 11:1-9 The Babylonians had capacity; they had ability to bake bricks, resources like bitumen as well as a place to make a name for themselves. Even God acknowledged that they were mighty but they were never able to achieve their aim to “make a name” for themselves.

Gen 12:1-2 On the other hand, there was a man who had no aim to make a name for himself. He was a weak man because he did not have the ability to procreate; he did not have resources like a mighty army to conquer lands or a place to become a mighty nation. Inspite of his obvious weaknesses, God “made a name” for him.

Isa 40:30-31 Youths signify strength. Renewing strength is not that God adds to your strength, it means, whether you are weak or mighty, God replaces your strength with His own.

Waiting on the Lord means everything you do is in honour of God. So when you wait on God by fasting, it is about being focused on God and His will. When you wait on the Lord by praising, it is not about what you want to get from God but because you are meant to praise God in the good and the bad. When Paul and Silas praised, it was about doing what they are meant to do; as against focusing on God to deliver them through an earthquake. Paul had been in many prisons and that was the only time God used an earthquake to deliver him.

1st Chr 16:37 Altars (place where spiritual meets human) are only as powerful as they are serviced. Amos 9:11-15 Being in exile means you are working in another person’s land. This is due to the neglect of your altar. Although you receive wages, you are not in your inheritance.

Begin to service your altar with an attitude of praise, speaking the Word of God to your situation. Wait on the Lord so God’s strength replaces your power. You will prevail….amen.

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