The Wind of Acceleration – The Anointing








 2 Kings 4:1-7

The woman would have cried to other sources for help but she did not get any. But when the creditor came, she went to Elisha for speedy help/miracle for now. There are critical times when you need a “now” miracle. What do you do?

Elisha knew that the prophet would have something in the house. The woman said that all they have is oil. Elisha said what was in the house is the solution to the problem.

Her late husband feared God and was personally known to Elisha. But in spite of his closeness to Elisha, he died early and left debt behind.

Now how come her late husband died with a solution/miracle in his house and he was unable to apply it to his problem? You need to open your spiritual eyes to tap into every opportunity God brings your way.

She obeyed completely.

Shimea translates as oil and appears 175 times .The word also translates as anointing and miracle.

  • The anointing can solve the problem of shame. Her sons would have been taken away.
  • The anointing can pay debt.
  • The anointing can sustain you, your pregnancy, business, body etc

Ezek 47:7-9 Rivers often represent anointing. Sea in the Old Testament prophetically means multitudes especially people.

  • Anointing is never contained; it flows. It impacts, it takes over.
  • Vs 8 The river (anointing) locates the desert (sickness, lack etc)
  • Vs 9 All things gone dead come alive by the river (anointing), therefore, the river (anointing) heals all

2 Sam 1:21

David believed so much in the power of the anointing that when he was told Saul was dead, he was shocked.

David knew that with the anointing, his life in Christ was indestructible.

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