The Wise and the Foolish








Matt 25:1-12

In every group, there are wise and foolish. In this text all 10 were virgins, meaning they all had a level of purity. However some were wise and some foolish.

What distinguishes the wise from the foolish?

Prov 13:1 The art of listening. It is the capacity to hear instructions that makes one wise.

1 kings 3:9 Solomon asked God for an understanding mind and a hearing heart. Then God added wisdom to him. The ability to listen and hear makes one wise.

1 Sam 25:14-17 (Nabal means foolishness) Foolishness manifests as refusal to listen.

The wise embrace listening. The difference between the wise and foolish is the willingness to listen to counsel.

2 Kings 5:1-19 Naaman was cleansed from leprosy only because he was willing to listen to the counsel of a slave girl. The answer to Naaman’s problem did not lie in the hand of the King but a slave girl. He was willing to listen to a subordinate. Wisdom does not look down on anyone Superior or Subordinate!

Your capacity to be readily willing to listen shows that you have a broad heart to acquire knowledge. Insecure people only surround themselves with enablers (sweet speakers) and inevitably fall / fail.

A secure person is willing to be scrutinised / challenged.

Prov 6:23; Ps 119:105 All 10 virgins had lamps. Meaning they all had the word, but only 5 had light; they were willing to process the word till it became revelation.

Ps 119:130 When the word of God enters (penetrates you) then you access the light of His word. The word is a lamp, but what use is it if it does not generate light. It takes time to generate light. Don’t be too dependent on light from others, pay the price and spend time to generate light (access revelation). The light of others should spur you to generate yours.

The five foolish virgins had lamps but never processed it to generate light.

How do we process the word?

When you process the word you start acting on the word by faith until you appear “foolish” to all.

You can only process the word when you value the word itself. You will not access revelation when your need supercedes your desire for the word.

Matt 13:19 The word is God’s word to you, His sure word to you.

Ps 92:13 If you are not committed to the word, you will not access revelation, through meditation day and night (i.e. in and out of season). The word always has priority, should be your first resort!

True revelation comes from living the word not just reading.

The Holy Spirit (oil) helps to process the word, He enables you to fulfil the word. He brings the word to revelation (light). You cannot live a victorious life outside of the Holy Spirit.

Foolish people talk, wise people empower. The wise had oil because they had been engaging the lamp.

Matt 25:11-12

The same Lord you are waiting for in manifestation is the same Lord you will engage in process. The foolish virgins never engaged with the Lord so He didn’t know them.

Does God know you?

Be willing to spend time, sit with the word and process it until it produces revelation.


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