The Workings of Miracles


Miracles are needed to meet your needs. Psa 74:9. Miracles are a Christian’s emblems. The workings of miracles in your life attract people to the power at work in you. Your marriage, career etc should be supernaturally run. You should not be confirmed to the natural standards of the world you live in but run your life by the supernatural power of miracles. Thereby, you will face no limitations.

In the Old Testament, following and living for God required willpower and perseverance to obey the Law. All those who tried failed. In the New Testament, following and living for God requires grace to receive gifts and miracles. Grace gives you the right to receive as against achieving. That means you should be humble about who you are, what you have etc because all are gifts from God.

What about when you try to stop sinning but you keep failing? That does not seem like a life of miracles. Paul called the Corinthian Church sanctified/purified/holy 1st Cor 1:2. However, they did not behave as holy people 1st Cor 3:1-3.

It’s important that you know that God does not condemn you. You are only acting according to your self image. The fact that you are unsatisfied with your current state shows your willingness to change. To change the image you have of yourself, read and meditate on the Word. Then you will see the reflection of who you are in Christ. You can then use the Word of God to speak the changes/gaps required in your life. Rom 10:8

There are two types of confessions of faith. The confession to believe and the confession because you believe. The latter is where you do not have doubts any more. Power is then released and manifestation comes.

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