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The bible is God’s perspective and the ideal standard that God requires of you. The bible does not condemn you but points you to the deficit in your life so that you can pursue God’s ideal through prayer (intersection) and action. If you are willing and obedient, you will partake in His good pleasure for you.

James 5:14-17

We are a body of Christ and so you should not be pretentious as not to call for support and help. Seek help amongst the elders in the body of Christ and help will prevail. As a body of Christ, it is our responsibility to pray/intercede for the weakness of another rather than gist/talk/criticism about their weakness.

Transparency and boundaries in marriage; transparency is for both spouse in marriage and boundaries are for God. Understanding boundaries is putting your spouse in the best position to thrive.

Gen 1:26-28

The purpose of marriage is not happiness, fulfilment and passion but for dominion.

What is dominion?

God placed man in Eden to tend and keep it. To walk in dominion means to reproduce Eden everywhere man goes. Adam was placed in Eden to learn Eden and reproduce it wherever he goes. Dominion is about rightly representing God. In Eden, Adam saw how God modelled living and so dominion is correctly representing God everywhere you find yourself.

Gal 1:3-4

Every human being is a manifestation of a dimension of God. Are you correctly representing God?

You walk in dominion by representing God in your home to your spouse and children, relationships, work etc.

It is in the pursuit of the dominion mandate that the benefits (happiness, fulfilment, passion, romance etc) of marriage become manifest. Until you represent God correctly, the good things you desire would not flow your way. It is the pursuit of the benefits without paying attention to the dominion mandate that leads to dysfunction in marriage.

Where you chase benefits at the expense of the dominion mandate will produce pain. Pain will conform an abused man.

For marriage to manifest dominion, there must be unity Gen 2:24

Psa 133:1-3; Eph 4:3

To be united means to be governed by the same spirit. Peace is not because you are in agreement but because you keep the unity of the same spirit.

Gen 2:9-14

Marriage is easier when both parties are governed by the same spirit not necessarily because they always agree. Abraham agreed with Sarah because God said so.

There must be unity in the spirit. The moment there is no unity, Satan can control and infiltrate the marriage. The moment accusations start, division manifests. Accusation breeds disorder.

1 Cor 11:3; 10-12; Psa 133:3; James 3:16

Disorder is a result of misalignment. Submission is a flow; if you are truly aligned, the attitude the woman has towards the man will reflect the attitude the man has towards Christ.

Unity attracts the flow of the spirit of God and angelic presence to bring blessings. Disunity breeds strife and demonic activity.

1 Cor 11:11

The work of the Holy Spirit is oneness, the walk of the devil is independence.

Your spouse is not your problem, rather your flesh and the voice you listen to. 


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