There is more in You!








Matt 13:12-17

God, open our eyes to see what you see in us. The dilemma of the Christian faith is to acquire more in wealth, status, career, business, family, marriage, leadership, etc and so we are constantly looking without.

Rom 8:32 If you have Jesus, you don’t need more, you have ALL that you need.

Eph 1:3; 2 Peter 1:3

The issue is not the lack, loss, or need of something that we don’t have, rather the issue is that you are listening to the wrong voices. Anything you don’t have means that God does not need it for where He is taking you. Stop looking behind you, in God, there are no regrets but progression. God can replace those things in your life, where required. Any voice that amplifies what you don’t have rather than what you have is not the voice of God; because the more you think that way, the more depressed you become, this is not the mind of God for you.

1 Thess 5:18

In everything give thanks. Thank Him for where you are, count your many blessings. Until you thank, you will not see it correctly. The voice of God always points you to what is available not what is lacking. It is the voice of your flesh that keeps pointing you to what you do not have. What you have might not seem like much, but until you appreciate it for what it is, it will not become what it is meant to be.

If you do not appreciate your seed, you would never become the forest that you seek. Take inventory of all the good in you and be thankful.

Stop admiring Saul’s amour (i.e. what others have that you think you lack) because you are UNIQUE. Be AUTHENTIC. God has equipped you with what it takes, dig deep, and be thankful.

1 Sam 17:33-47

Start speaking what you want to see regardless of what you have. The essence is not the HOW but the WHERE He is taking you to.

Everything has been empowered by God to be maximised and you only access it by faith. You must have faith in what God has given you.

Rom 8:12; Josh 1:8

There is a way that you hear, beware that you are not hearing the wrong things that will suffocate your faith. The system of the world tells you to seek more. Whatever the enemy is telling you that you lack is a lie, you actually have it; however, you have it in the form that God needs it to manifest. Your focus and prayer are for God to help you to see it and maximise it by faith.

Gen 3:11; 2:25

When you buy a thought, the thought starts speaking to you. It is true that Adam and Eve were naked, but the issue was how they were reacting to their nakedness after the fall (sin). God asked Adam, who told you that you were naked. Adam started to emphasise his nakedness because he had fallen away from the presence of God. When he was seeing correctly before the fall, he was not bothered about his nakedness. When you see correctly in God, somethings (lack) would not matter to you because you see from the eyes of God. You start to suffer loss as a believer the moment you start seeing less than how God sees it.

Exo 4:10-12

Moses emphasised his shortfall. Any prayer point you have been praying that God has not answered yet, don’t worry about it because God is fully aware and He will respond according to His will and agenda. Just go, live your life, it is not an issue with God.

Gen 2:16-25

Normally, what you are constantly obsessing about is what you are lacking, however, God requires that we eat (consume) of the fruit in the garden. However, do not eat the tree of the knowledge of good and evil i.e. do not be consumed by the knowledge of your lack. The moment you obsess about your state of lack, you begin to depreciate in value because you are focusing on the wrong things. God requires that you freely consume that which He has planned for you.

Luk 6:13

If you do not master where you are, you do not qualify for the next level. The place of the obstacle is the place of progression. God has given us everything we need to fulfill what He has called us to. For Moses it was a rod, for the widow is was the cruse of oil, for the disciples it was the 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish, for Paul it was the relationship with Paul and Barnabas. Whatever God has given you is enough. Pay attention to what God has equipped you within. You cannot be looking out into your neighbour’s garden, tend and water yours.

Num. 11:16-17; Eph 1:17-20

Pay attention to what is in you and who is around you. Your prayer should be for God to grant you the spirit of wisdom and revelation that your eyes will be flooded with light and you can see all that God has made available to you. This will manifest through you and for the agenda that God has prepared uniquely for you.

We already have a relationship with the most important person, Jesus; the Holy Spirit, the spirit of power, might, wisdom, knowledge; you are already a son of God and this means you already have priority with God because of your son-ship.

Your life is a message, there is more in God, not in the world but within you.

Pay attention to God’s deposit within you.

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