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Time & Opportunities

Dear Beloved,
The equal opportunity given to us by God does not always translate to equal outcomes experienced by us. Your place today and in the future depends on how well you use your sequential time on earth (chronos) and the moments in time when opportunities are presented to you (kairos). Only then will you receive true riches (dominion).

Eccl 9:11 Sequential time (chronos) and utilised times of opportunities (kairos) is what determines who wins the battle of life. It’s not about how hard you try or how able you are.

Times of opportunities are often disguised as challenges. If you are not prepared to use that challenge as your time of opportunity, you will lose your opportunity to win the battles of your life.

Joseph used his opportunity to interpret the dreams of the Baker and Cupbearer (Gen 40). He used the opportunity to prepare for his yet unknown encounter with Pharaoh. Using his opportunity to prepare paid off as the Cup bearer was able to recommend him to Pharaoh. Joseph was able to interpret Pharaoh’s dream and also take a step further to give Pharaoh a suitable solution.

David saw Goliath as an opportunity to get the king’s reward and also to vindicate the honour of Israel as God’s chosen army
(1st Sam 17:24-37)

Kairos moments occur in cycles, if you miss it, you might need to wait for another opportunity. However, don’t feel discouraged, God is able to redeem (compensate, make up for) time.

God determines the seasons of your life, so maximise your time (chronos) so you can use your moments of opportunities (kairos) when it comes.

God is the giver of true riches (Matt 25:14-30). The faithful servants used their time (chronos) and moments of opportunity (kairos) and were rewarded with true riches (dominion). Dominion is being in charge of where God has given you, partnering with God in areas He has called you to. Money can buy you a house but dominion gives you a home.

The Shunammite woman was not the only barren woman in Shunem but she was the only one who maximised her time (chronos) to serve God by being hospitable to His prophet. She was then able to get her opportunity (kairos) to receive a blessing for a child. 2nd Kings 4:8-37

Although the devil attacked her through the death of her son, God used the situation for His glory; her son was resurrected. She escaped famine and enjoyed a life of abundance after the famine through her association with Elisha. 2nd Kings 8:1-6).

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