Trade your fig leaves for clothes








Gen 3:6-11, 21

Human nature ties fulfilment to affluence, promotion, prosperity, connections, favour etc. This mindset is from the root of the serpent as in the beginning. There is nothing that you would receive in this world that would truly fulfil you. Whenever you think that God will bless you with things and your fulfilment is tied to this, this is not entirely true.

The essence of the pursuit of life makes one feel like “God”. That feeling you get when good things happen to you makes you feel like “God”. As much as these things make you feel like God is not actually God. Your focus should always be about who you already have “God” supersedes what you are already chasing. Hence seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and then all the other things would be added unto you. As you pursue God, then these things are added to you.

In the pursuit of God, there would be seasons in your life when you would feel vulnerable and you feel less. This is because there are times when God is within your grasp, there are times when you cannot see Him but you can sense Him and there are times when you may not even see/sense Him.

This vulnerability is due to your conscious consideration of the presence/absence of God in your life. You are as secure and comfortable as you know/believe God is near/far. The truth is, God is always near but you just cannot sense Him. He has transformed into another form that you need to discover. The awareness of God must not be reduced to situations/circumstances, it is a spiritual sense. All you need is to draw closer to God/reconnect with God in order to sense Him.

Situations and circumstances can make one feel insecure. When you are going through feelings of inadequacy, vulnerability, low self-esteem. You can resolve this by pursuing God or by lying to yourself and covering yourself with fig leaves.

The act of not acknowledging one’s weakness before God (come naked before Him) is the wearing of fig leaves.

Ecc 2:4-11; John 4:8

Figleaves are things we use to cover our nakedness. The closer you get to God, the more aware you become of your nakedness. The moment light comes up, it becomes obvious that you are wearing fig leaves. There is nothing you would achieve/acquire that would ever be enough; this is an addict mentality. Figleaves will never cover nakedness.

All of life’s journey is to bring man to a point where you would come to a realisation that without God you have nothing. There comes a time that all your capacity will fail.

Isa 40:28-31; Matt 4:4

The deficit in your life is the space that only God can fill. It is an intentional thing that things fail because it is God’s opportunity to take over if you allow Him. There is a capacity in God that never fails/exhausted.

God gives power to the weak, He gives power to those that lack strength. Come to the realm of God and acquire strength and might from God. The best position you can ever be is “to admit your weakness before God”. This is God shining light on your fig leaves (vulnerability). God is stripping away your fig leaves.

As a good father, God shines a light on your fig leaves so that He can strip the fig leaves and clothe you.

In the beginning, Adam and Eve were naked and unashamed is because they were plain and open before God knowing HE would not look down on their affairs. They were more conscious of the goodness of God than the state of nakedness.

God’s mercy lets us see that what we are depending on (your security) is not what defines us. It is not in what you have but in whom you have.

1 Sam 18:10-12

Every feeling of insecurity is rooted in the fact that you think that God is not with you anymore. Every form of insecurity is a presence deficit. Resolve insecurity in your life by pursuing His presence.

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