Understanding the times (Sons of Issachar)









1 Chro 12:1-35

The true prophetic church in these times are those who understand and can decode the move of God. Prophetic accuracy is a type of competency, i.e. knowing what God is doing now. The spiritual knowledge that God has given you is needed for such a time as this, especially in the market place. Revelation can be made relevant in industry language.

1 Cor 4:7

You cannot have something that is not given. If you are born again, you are relevant, you are a type of the son of Issachar.

The understanding of the times and season is being given and it has a value. You buy with thirst and hunger.

Isa 55:1-3; 1 Kings 17:1-4

You receive the understanding of the times and season by a hunger and thirst of the revelation of the times. What you receive depends on where you stand and whose voice you hear. What you receive will separate you from the park.

Rev 4:7

The revelation and prophetic understanding will distinguish and create a difference between you and every other person. The word of God creates a unique environment for His own. You can only understand to the level of your communication. When you communicate with God through His word and in prayer, you would come up to God’s view and perspective and insight. True prophetic insight is conceived in the word of God. Understanding is activated prophetically in the word.

2 Peter 1

There are 5 P’s that is part of our Issachar mandate:

Prophetic Accuracy – Is the first key to your prosperity in and post COVID. Prosperity is not limited to monetary wealth, rather this means help in the road of life, calling, industry etc. Ezra 5:1, 6:14; Acts 27

The prophetic accuracy is not limited to the pulpit but most relevant in the market place in this season. People who will speak the language of the Kingdom and also proficient in their industry language. You need to study the word and also study your industry so that you can grow more and have understanding and insight. It is wise to align with God’s prophetic agenda, you will find relevance therein.

Luke 19:41-44; Matt 24:40; Psa 19:1-4

If you are not willing to pay the price in the night season by grasping and gaining knowledge then you may not have influence during the day season.

Isa 50:4; Dan 11:32-33a

This is a season of acquiring knowledge; upgrade in revelation, understanding, and knowledge.

Be Proactive – don’t wait until post-COVID, begin to act NOW. You must respond with passion and zeal according to your true prophetic nature i.e. fasting and prayer. 2 Kings 7:1  

Be PrayerfulDan 9:1 Prayer aligns us with the agenda of God, clarifies the purposes of God and also encourages and emboldens one for movement.

Preparation – Prophetic people prepare. Joseph, Noah, David prepared following the prophetic mandate they had received. Study will prepare you to be relevant. Study makes you fluid.

Be Pragmatic – You must see and cease opportunity. God ministers seed to the sower and bread to the eater. The seed that is sown is a result of the kind of ground that you find yourself. The world is adapting quickly, we sons of Issachar need to also adapt.

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