Unforced Rhythm of Grace







Exo 33:17-19

Grace is an attribute of God that He dispenses as He wills.

Eph 2:5, 8

The grace of God is what saved us from our sins.

Grace is when we step out of works into God’s loving arms.

Acts 20:32

God gives a word of grace which is able to build capacity and give you an inheritance amongst those that are sanctified.

John 1:14

The word of grace that is able to build you up became flesh and dwelt amongst us, this is of the person of Jesus.

Titus 2:11

The grace of God is represented in the person of Jesus and in the person of the Holy Spirit. The combination of the trinity is revealed in the grace of God.

Matt 11:27-29

Jesus speaking that He knows the way to the Father and He can show you the way to the Father; therefore, learn of ME (JESUS) for His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Jesus is the one leading and He knows the way. Jesus is calling you to a rhythm, a continuous pattern that He will work and walk you through.

Jer 29:11

God has you in mind, trust Jesus to take you through.

Heb 12:1

The race is a personalised one, each one has a personalised rhythm that Jesus walks you through until you get to His expected end for you. Focus on your race and avoid comparison with another person.

John 4:4-17, 25-39

The woman’s testimony of Jesus made the men in the city believed in Him. Jesus expressed grace to the woman with “5 husbands in the past” (in spite of her past) and used her to bring the good news to the land of Samaritan. 

Luke 8:26-39

Jesus transformed the mad man of Gadarene through the power of His grace. Before He met Jesus, the mad man was known all over the town.

Luke 8:40

After his encounter with Jesus, He became the Publisher of the good news of Jesus. Grace wants to show up for you to transform your life.

Whenever you are going through difficult times, open your heart to see the grace of God at work through it all. He will see you through.

God uses that challenging platform to bring you through and use the stories that you have generated in your path to encourage others.

Matt 11:29; Num 13:33

Jesus says learn of Me.

When Joshua and Caleb’s account of the good land and its inhabitants

Rom 12:2 – We need to have respect for the efficacy of the word of God. You need a transformed mind. Joshua and Caleb saw the strength of God and had built experience with their personal revelation of God.

Develop that relationship with God to the extent that He becomes your God.

Also, you need to build a relationship with the Holy Spirit and obey as He leads you. Develop a hearing ear and take prompt action as led.

Rom 4:16; John 10:35

Only those that receive the word of God can act in the dimension of God. You need to trust God, embrace the yoke of Jesus, and allow Him to lead you.

Phil 1:12

There is a gospel according to his word for you. Find it and work with Him. Grace will come to you and the promises of God will be sure.


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