Unity and Uniformity








Acts 6:1-7; 2:41-47
The power of the Holy Spirit and the power of momentum comes in unity. When we gather, there is something that each one needs, the fusion of all meets all needs, but in isolation, each person stays needful.

Acts 6:7
We move from glory to glory but there is hell in the hallway. Unity of purpose is challenged when growth comes. To manage growth, we need uniformity and structure.

Acts 6:1
However, even in uniformity, beware that unity in Christ is not threatened. The challenge is that the majority do not recognise the minority in pain. Do you recognise those around you who are in pain?

Acts 6:2
Regardless of your feelings / opinions, you must never lose focus of the word of God, your priority should always be to align everything with the word of God. Let the word of God be your ultimate gauge for everything.

Acts 6:3-4
In managing the challenge that comes with growth of the church that seemingly threatens unity is to be a person that develops the following qualities; good reputation, be full of the Holy Spirit and full of good wisdom. This was the strategy of the disciples in the early church.

Acts 6:5

Stephen was chosen; a man full of the Holy Spirit yet humble enough to serve at the table. Your vocation in the body of Christ does not undermine the fullness of the Holy Spirit within you.

You do not have to be in the inner circle to experience the glory of God, you are full of the spirit of God regardless of your location and God’s glory is available to ALL.

Acts 6:7; Psa 133

Great growth was experienced and great many priests were obedient to the faith. Every individual is anointed to be a blessing not just the Pastor / Priest.

You are only promoted because you can be trusted, not based on talent and ability alone. To be full of the Holy Spirit means you are influenced by the Spirit of God; i.e. your decisions are never personal but spiritual. Until God sees this in a man, He cannot trust or bestow promotion on such a man.

John 21:16-18

To be full of the Holy Spirit means you are led by the spirit of God. It is to the extent that God will trust you that you will be promoted.

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