Gen 1:28 God spoke over man to give him his destiny “Be fruitful and multiply”. Only then did God instruct him to see (Gen 1:29). Vision is required to birth destiny. With what do you see and act upon, your spiritual or physical eyes?

Gen 13-4 At creation, God spoke light before light came into being. God speaks before He does. Focus on what God is saying and not what you are seeing with your physical eyes.

Jesus told Nicodemus that His success is based on what God says (vision). What you see determines what you do.

Josh 6:1-2: Jericho was shut up because of the Israelites but God told Joshua to focus on the victory He had given in the spiritual. Physical reality is temporal.

To see (vision), you need light (Jesus): To understand spiritual things without Christ is carnality. Light (Jesus) is the perspective you use per time to make decisions.

Ex 1:9 Pharaoh saw the Israelites as “more and mightier” than the Egyptians yet he was able to oppress them. Ex 1:20 Why? The Israelites saw themselves using their physical eyes. You have a better covenant (agreement) which is the gospel. The gospel is the death and resurrection of Jesus which makes you a son of God. Use prayer to birth your power status. Don’t short-change yourself in life.

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